10 reasons why advertising needs to be creative

2nd July 2018

Advertising needs creativity for businesses across the world — of all shapes and sizes — to succeed, but why is it so important to every advertising production? Here are 10 reasons to justify the approach

10 Reasons to bang the drum for increased advertising production creativity? There are many more, but here are some reasons why you need it.

The most successful adverts, whether online, on TV, or elsewhere, need a degree of nuance; something that ultimately distinguishes it from a competitor that is not price led.

From a cost and long and short-term ROI perspective, you will need a compelling creative proposition to boost the following metrics outlined in this article.

Without it, you will statistically endure falling sales, reduced awareness and a brand that is not leading Britain’s conversation.

Reason 1 of 10


If you choose to utilise a commercial production tack that looks to prioritise selling as appose to showcasing, your business will endure reduced efficiency levels.

By trying to persuade the consumer to buy your product or service, you will ultimately endure relative ineffectiveness when compared to an ad that seeks to entertain or showcase a brand or product to the consumer.

Whether you are looking for instance responses using DRTV, or looking at a branded ad to boost long-term resonance, looking at a price-led, persuasive advertising creative will only limit your success.

Reason 2 of 10


An ad that seeks to stimulate through the negative virtues addressed will not be memorable or successful.

Being such a transient metric in the first place, leading on price can be helpful as an ancillary force, but as a primary means of conciliation; no.

Leading with a context-driven creative that is symbolic and pertinent to your brand will boost resonance – ensuring of emotional weighting for your business.

TV commercial with CGON from Space City
The TV Advertising production for CGON utilised the 10 steps to success and enjoyed rave results.

Reason 3 of 10

Boosting conversation.

Ads that are conversed about will generally succeed and support awareness and sales increases, as a result if the increased advocacy.

Other than through TV ads directly — which is the second strongest means of brand advocacy — word of mouth recommendations serve your business most prudently.

The most effective means of stimulating conversation: prioritising creative TV advertising productions that lead on a particular contextual setting.

Reason 4 of 10

Generating associations with programming.

With online PPC, or persuasive, sales intense adverts, your advert will not resonate with the consumer and is likely to be forgotten quickly.

Only five adverts from any commercial break will be remembered on average; without a degree of either originality or relevance to the content it has been aligned with, you will endure reduced effectiveness.

A caveat to this, though, is ensuring the emotive premise of the aforementioned programming aligns with the emotions you want your consumers to feel.

If there is a discrepancy there, such a tactic should be avoided, with creatives reviewed.

Reason 5 of 10

More data.

Besides the immediate benefits associated with TV commercial production concerning sales, you will have higher quality data to take your business to improve your SEO online and further marketing campaigns.

Knowing what creative devices your consumers are receptive to can assist with improving your overall keyword choices and contextual alignment.

The quality of data should always be valued over the quantity, but with more creative advertising production, your business can enjoy both.

Reason 6 of 10

You can become a part of culture.

While this may not be a KPI for most, by resonating with more consumers, you will initiate more conversations organically – essentially providing you with free awareness.

With price led ads that are only relevant transiently, you will not inhabit the relevance necessary to enter word-of-mouth.

Reason 7 of 10

You create an identity.

When you stimulate conversation, you will create the associations that define you as a brand – regardless of whether you use direct response or brand awareness commercials.

With people talking about you from a contextual perspective, as appose to one that is price led, you will ensure that you carry relevance beyond the usual peaks and troughs that pervade the wider economic sphere as a whole.

TV commercial production from Space City for Paradise Wildlife Park
With our 10 steps, your business will be able to amplify reach for longer – regardless of economic performance.

Reason 8 of 10

Emotional appeal.

In similar regard to the previous point raised you can ensure that consumers are still inclined to purchase from you, even through economic strife.

If something is merely led by price you will generate those associations that will only have temporal appeal.

Reason 9 of 10

Improve website performance.

With increased awareness from the perspective of the creative element of your commercial production, you will enjoy more traffic, mentions and backlinks that boost your SEO and overall performance omni-platform.

Reason 10

An improved overall marketing output.

With a greater awareness of what your brand represents in the eyes of consumers, your social media, PR opportunities and wider marketing dissemination can be more defined, knowing how your consumers respond emotionally.

Quality over quantity should always be the key: with a creative, cost-effective advertising production strategy you will thrive.

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