2016 in focus: TV advertising is resilient

16th December 2016

2016 Has been a tumultuous one in many quarters politically, with ramifications-if any, still unclear as we head into 2017.

From the point-of-view of the TV advertising industry, 2016 has been one of continued growth in the sector, with its dependability as high as ever belying the onslaught from digital.

This in part has been due to the consistent weakness of UK citizens to our friends from the animal kingdom.

By using animals, humanising them through real world events and creating escapist driven campaigns, the automatic rejection viewers have to ad consumption is dismissed.

Four out of the ten most liked adverts of 2016 featured animals, underlying their strength as a leveraging factor to immerse your audience in your brand identity.

Animals have been key again to success in 2016.
Animals have been key again to success in 2016.

Aside from affirming brand response, direct response continues to play an integral part in maximising and mobilising your company.

Such an ad when deployed effectively can lead to sustained traffic on your website, thus increasing  the chances of optimising conversions and sales.

Of course the research of your audience is integral to the success of both brand and direct response advertising, namely context, which if portrayed in an ambiguous regard to your audience could lead to brand rejection.

The importance of converging both the mediums of digital and TV to optimise both has been growing in 2016, with profound results.

Both have managed to grow concurrently, but the merits of online on its own is something which is uncertain at best.

As a single entity TV still remains greatly more effective at resonating and being more impactful on your target audience.

Across 2016 TV ads as a result of their broadcast herald four times the sales life compared to that of an online ad.

Trust too and public perception of TV ads is far more favourable: 15% more consumers trust TV compared to digital, while 20% more people felt TV ads where of a greater quality than online ads.

Furthermore content which was redistributed online was declare more effective than that of online only content, outperforming it on key performance indicators such as sales, website visits and account set-up.

It was found by market analyst MarketShare that online advertising is more effective when supplementing a TV campaign, therefore working in partnership is most efficient manner of achieving your KPIs and growing your business.

Forecasts have been fitful at best, with very little confidence in optimism, however hope can be sought from how businesses have recovered from previous times of financial uncertainty.

Innovation will be key to translating success from 2016 to 2017.
Innovation will be key to translating success from 2016 to 2017.

More often than not, companies who have spent there way out of uncertain times have been more prosperous in the long term, with brand response the most effective mechanism of instilling identity for when times are more affluent.

Of course throwing money erroneously at something which cannot be substantiated would be foolhardy, however if implemented utilising the growing rise in semantics and understanding audience before your ad is released, you can gather far more trustworthy data.

In the long term this can readdress the sliding levels of trust between businesses, production companies, ads and their consumers.

Major corporations have cited such as Tesco have cited this in 2016 as a reason for not dedicating more resources into TV.

Should new innovations be utilised relevantly, there is no reason to suggest that both TV and online cannot continue to grow, especially given the leverage media has in an increasingly online and globalised world.

In the short term, whether Sterling is strong or not, initiative should be sought to dedicate marketing to the export market or internal one.

Regardless 2017 will be the year of innovation as appose to following the tried and tested formula of either linear TV or online: collaboration will be the most fruitful.

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