4 ways to increase social media engagement

21st May 2018

Increasing social media engagement, consensual signup and data quickly is pivotal amid GDPR implementation; here are 4 ways you can boost organic engagement

4 Steps for social media success and proliferation: the proverb states, if you don’t ask, you don’t get, but this is the advice you should avoid with ads.

As a means of stimulating conversation online and fostering engagement, myriad means of leveraging this future contact have been attempted, yet are inefficient and reduce ROI.

Whether it be instilling hashtags or encouraging consumers to visit websites or certain social media pages, you will create a reticent and negative culture that will negate any resonance fostered through the emotive context of your advertising.

Therefore as you look to stimulate responses through your advertising and increase the multiplier effect, the key is to do everything subliminally, through incentive and humour.

Of course some business entities, charities or ad campaigns as a whole may not be appropriate for more humourous advertising, but as long as a consistent, communicative context is conveyed, your business can foster the trust that will precipitate engagement.

4 – Promotional Codes

Although you are attempting to try and initiate contact directly, the presence of an incentive and the transparency of it, will ensure that both the business and consumer impacts’ on trust and data elicitation are optimised.

If this tact is woven into your creative, it can work in a similar fashion to another advertising direction used by businesses, which involves inserting conversations into programming directly that pertain to your business.

These conversations could involve discussing your adverts, the company as a whole or its service, but it is ultimately seen as the optimal emotive equilibrium for inciting memorability and success.

Immersing your brand in ad content directly is risky and won't support social media engagement - missing out on our 4 tips.
Immersing your brand in ad content directly is risky and won’t support social media engagement – missing out on our 4 tips.

However, given that the emotive traits and crucially the context may not necessarily be aligned with that of your business’, the levels of trust and resonance may be stymied.

Therefore, ensuring that incentivised promotions are intertwined with your video ads alone is crucial.

With promotions at the end of your ad – as appose to any other point – you can ensure your potential consumers are enchanted by your business ethos first and your products or services, before attempting to encourage participation.

Sales driven adverts will not incite receptiveness from consumers, therefore such incentives, codes or prompts need to factor in the gratification sought by consumers online – convenience is imperative in this instance.

3 – Exclusive Content 

Exclusivity is crucial as you look to distinguish yourselves from competitors and imbue a sense of belonging within your brand.

Whether it be games, competitions or even alternate endings and sequels to your ads, the incentive will be in place to visit your social media channels at a point of convenience.

In order to control when people access your pages, or ensure that engagement is encouraged at pertinent times, a focus needs to placed on direct response.

As appose to sales though, these particular ads can embody brand, but with the caveat of the social response call-to-action.

If you have a story-telling narrative underpinning your advertising, the likelihood of memorability and resonance is increased, therefore this would be imperative in said context.

2 – Narrative Questions

Our penultimate tip of 4 consists of the impending GDPR issue and how your business can obtain consensual and transparent data streams – promoting both social media engagement and sales.

By being on TV or VOD in the first instance, your business needs to ensure all legal requirements are met with clearance providers, Clearcast, before an ad is released.

Through embedding increased legal text that raises awareness of how data is used – even embedding it in to appropriate advertising creatives – your business can explicitly adhere to the new EU legislation.

Given the UK’s repatriation of EU law after Brexit, this legislation needs to be taken with the upmost seriousness and diligence, thus harnessing trust organically will assist the levels of trust your business inhabits.

Cameraman on Space CityTV advertising production shoot
Our 4 tips ensure you consider trust as a paramount concern to social media.

Having questions answered between elements dialogue can help consumers assimilate with certain situations – providing both experiential resonance and heightened memorability.

By essentially showing what you want your consumers to do in terms of interaction, this philosophy can work in the same style as sales-driven direct response for your business.

1 – News-driven inbound marketing

Inbound marketing and TV advertising may not seem obviously linked to powerful social media engagement, but everything is ultimately linked.

If the quality of your website SEO and overall content dissemination online is highly ranked and leveraging, the links to your social media can carry increased professional leverage and credibility.

In order to stimulate the engagement through TV though, again linking to your website in your advertising; its benefits and why people trust it, can ensure that the disparity between  trust online and through TV narrows significantly.

Considering the issues surrounding GDPR and how you intend to incite a form of opt-in to your CRM, ensuring that trust is imbued across your inbound and outbound output is imperative.

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