5 ways to create effective low cost TV ads

13th February 2017

5 WAYS of creating robust TV advertising that will grow your brand for many years to come: it is not as idealistic as you would think.

Given the metrics of advertising which can be controlled through either the media buying strategy, creative direction or insight into your target audience, it has never been easier to get your business on TV.

With the emergence of interactive, programmatic and addressable advertising, notwithstanding the perpetual stronghold that is traditional TV advertising, the choice and increased depth in data inventory has propelled TV to new heights of relevance.

Online as an advertising entity has grown vastly over the last five years, with measurability stimulating TV towards its own revolution to maintain its supremacy.

The data on offer from online has enabled brands to be more specific and easily accountable within their marketing campaigns.

Therefore our first step of 5 towards effective, low cost advertising is to actually support your TV campaign with an online one.

The most effective TV ads are ones delivered to create long-term brand resonance from the consumer, with only an eighth of sales from TV ads in the immediate aftermath.

The importance of emphasising brand is crucial to growing with our 5 steps.
The importance of emphasising brand is crucial to growing with our 5 steps.

Thus to generate this the need to understand why and how your audience interacts with your brand is imperative.

Traditionally you can have socio-demographic knowledge that can influence the creative direction you follow, but if you are prioritising saving on costs, using online and TV jointly will be crucial to short and long-term success.

Once your TV campaign has been activated, organic search to your website increases by more than a third.

In addition TV’s ability to grow organic search and awareness through word-of-mouth is three times as strong as any other advertising entity.

Therefore prioritising graphics and text in your creative that is intrinsically linked to your overall marketing campaign and your website, will generate more long-term affirmation.

Linking to our second point of 5, ensuring that a brand element of your ad is incorporated at its heart is crucial.

Ads that simply appeal to short-term impulses will yield instant results, although are weaker in terms of cost effectiveness.

Our long-term memory has the capacity to maintain links to brands and associations with them for life, in contrast our short-term memories will hold merely 5-7 memories.

Unless mass saturation of your campaign is implemented- which in itself will incur vastly increased broadcasting costs- the prerogative should be centralised towards brand awareness as much eliciting response.

Moving on to our 3rd point of 5 and the importance of entertaining your audience.

Ads that are shared with the greatest abundance online have entertainment at their heart, although these same ads are not original to TV.

Considering that TV is most trusted advertising medium by the public- for its aesthetics and credibility- not encouraging the sharing of your ad beyond the realms of TV is something to be avoided.

TV accounts for 87% of all viewed video, although it equates to none of the most shared online videos.

Therefore ensuring your ads our produced by establishing associations with your brand and entertainment, will only lead to free upscaling online, with no increase in ad spend for you.

4th then of our 5 points is to prioritise, especially if you are a start-up looking to be risk averse in your investment, using programmatic, addressable or interactive ads.

Over the last year, uptake in the production of interactive ads has doubled, while 75 % of those utilising it are new to advertising.

In particular with interactive ads and Sky AdSmart you can personalise your campaigns and have the guarantees of optimal inventory, ensuring your campaign is not wasted.

Other benefits of course are the fact that you do not pay for particular time frames as such, but only when those whom watch TV, who have overcome Sky’s increasingly in-depth algorithms of automation.

Although traditional TV buying has the potential to grow your business beyond that of your expected target audience, it is in the short-term at least less cost-effective in achieving results.

Utilising new means of TV buying is integral to reducing advertising costs through our 5 steps.
Utilising new means of TV buying is integral to reducing advertising costs through our 5 steps.

The last of our 5 steps to success then is the need to prioritise a production company, as appose to producing your content in-house.

Although seemingly more cost-effective initially, your ad will be produced without the objective knowledge of the wider advertising industry, notwithstanding the access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Production companies utilise professional directors, producers and other personnel to ensure your ad is engaging, not lacking in credibility.

TV is as strong as it it today in advertising terms due in part to its scale and reach, but also its aesthetic appeal.

If you utilise the latest in visual and audio enhancing software, as well as professionals who have built brands based on creativity and success, you will see long-term impact from your ads.

Space City has won more commissions than any other TV production company since 2001, utilising its DaVinci Grading software to enhance the very metric that makes TV so trustworthy.

Contact the team now and see how you can save on advertising costs with TV and Space City, while maintaining the long-term sales growth you desire.


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