8 reasons why you need direct response advertising

21st August 2018
Cherryz BTS
Katherine Ryan


8 reasons (and more besides) exist for your business to make the step into the lucrative advertising realm that is direct response advertising: here they are.

First of all, direct response TV advertising is the means of above the line advertising that seeks to stimulate a particular consumer group to respond instantly to your advert, rather than simply serving to improve brand awareness.

In order to make your DRTV and response advertising in general to work, utilise the tips on offer from the UK’s most cost-effective TV advertising production company.


When looking for a short term sales boost, DRTV advertising is the undisputed generator of commerce – it even surpasses the might of online video and radio.

Given the attention that TV inherently generates, a well produced response commercial can provide the ultimate problem/solution offering for consumers, which induces the instant, measurable response you and your entire team craves.

Thinkbox research has proven year-on-year that TV as a whole and direct response continue to deliver for all businesses – a solution to steady any shaky sales period.

2: Measurability Has Never Been Better

When advertising on TV in the past, measurability was always a concern; you had discernible uplifts in sales, but fundamentally you could not track and absolutely clarify the change was as a result of TV.

Advertising measurability has drastically changed amid the technical revolution – follow our 8 tips to maximise success.

With the surge in programmatic advertising metrics, interactive advertising campaigns and services from companies like Sky AdSmart, TV has now become the ultimate advertising medium: offering the measurability of online, with the credibility and creative potency TV has always offered.

As you analyse direct response campaigns, you can track the creatives that were successful and utilise one of the many interfaces — Adalyser being one — to offer an actionable interface that can be adjusted in realtime to support your overall advertising output.

3: You Can Eliminate Ad Budget Wastage

With the ability to measure response campaigns more diligently, you can ensure that you no longer play the ad to a consumer that has already purchased your product or services.

Additionally, should a particular advertising creative be more effective compared to another the weaker advert can be switched to play out on the fewest number of occasions.

Through just linear programmatic alone you can lower costs by more than 20%, but choosing this means of advertising to improve your brand marketing and advertising will be pivotal.

4: You Can Harvest And Generate Large Data Streams

Before attempting to launch your business on any mass brand awareness campaigns, utilising addressable direct response advertising will ensure you have the awareness and qualitative data to ascertain which platforms and channels would be best to market your business on.

If you set your metrics to target the consumers you want based on your pre-defined desires, you will be able to target channels for your brand campaigns in a more efficient fashion.

5: DRTV is the Greatest Interest Generator

When looking to generate the outbound sales leads you need to hit targets, there is no better way to stimulate response.

With a memorable, humorous, emotive and call-to-action-laden creative, your business will enjoy more outbound leads than you would with any other medium of advertising.

As a result, you can harvest that demand with relevant online content, which can support your wider product and service portfolio.

By knowing what your consumers want through our 8 DRTV advertising tips, you can improve inbound material.

6: Your inbound leads will increase

With a website and social media output that compliments the advertising being released, you can satisfy consumer desires, which change when the medium shifts.

Online, the focus needs to be around convenience and providing a user experience that offers instant gratification – therefore looking at how consumers navigate around your website will be key as you look to optimise inbound leads.

7: You can eliminate the need for A/B testing

Without the knowledge of what actually works and what consumers are receptive to, testing different advertising and marketing campaigns in such a fashion is popular, but when you can ensure advertising is driven entirely by whether a consumer is interested in a product, or inclined in by another KPI, you do not need to test simultaneously.

If a campaign is ineffective, it will simply not waste your money and valuable ad budget, therefore, if an ad does not deliver, you will not endure a costly bill for creative or placement issues.

8: You will increase advertising ROI

With direct response TV advertising, you have the undivided attention of consumers, while TV is inherently a more social medium.

Online ads are generally consumed alone and with myriad distractions coming from the dynamic interface that it is, but with TV advertising, a consumer is looking to experience something and can be convinced more easily.

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