FAQs regarding the commercial production process solved

Advertising does not have to be a confusing undertaking. With our FAQs answered, you can approach your next advertising campaign with confidence, regardless of whether you are an established advertiser or enjoying your first foray into the industry. Launch your business to success with TV, online and radio commercial production from Space City: the UK’s most experienced producer of TV commercials.


Why choose Space City?

We have been producing award-winning TV commercials for over 25 years. This experience, combined with a wealth of creative ideas and contagious enthusiasm, ensures you get the best possible commercial for your brand.

We specialise in making direct response commercials (DRTV), brand response commercials (BRTV), brand commercials for “challenger brands”, as well as commercials for first-time TV advertisers.

We are not an agency and charge no retainer fees. We work on a project-by-project basis for an agreed cost and production schedule.

We pride ourselves on producing commercials that get results — some generating as much as 600% ROI — delivering cost-effective leads without compromising on creativity or quality.

How much does it cost to produce a TV commercial?

The average budget for producing a 30” TV commercial in the UK is £187,000 (source: Televisual Magazine, November 2015).

Space City’s typical budget would be in the
£15,000 – £30,000
range. This will give you a one-day shoot on HD video, either on location or in a studio.

It is possible to work to a lower budget, either by using simple animation or re-editing existing footage.

We do also produce higher budget commercials; these may involve filming for two or more days, filming abroad or filming a much more complex idea – e.g. one that needs special effects or specially-built studio sets.

Who owns the finished commercial?

All rights to the use of the commercial are assigned to you, the client.

We also usually provide specially composed music, which is cleared for worldwide use in perpetuity.

What about buying the TV airtime?

Space City does not get involved in buying TV airtime. However, we can recommend media buyers who specialise in working with first-time advertisers or smaller clients.

What about the legal checks?

Space City arranges all necessary clearances with Clearcast, the UK’s TV advertising clearance provider.

We can also arrange play-out/traffic of transmission tapes to the various different TV stations.

How long does it take to make an ad?

Our normal production cycle is seven weeks from agreeing a final script with the client.

This is about the same as the lead time required for booking airtime.

However, it can be done more quickly when required.

What happens next?

If you are interested in progressing to the next stage, we would normally arrange to meet you to take a creative brief. Give us a call and we will talk you through the process.

What does DRTV/BRTV stand for?

Direct Response Television Commercials and Brand Response Television Commercials.

is television advertising that asks viewers to respond directly to the company — either by calling a telephone number or by visiting a web site.

In contrast, the objective of
Branding Commercials is purely to increase the visibility of the brand name.

With a BRTV commercial, whilst response is still important, the brand values of the company must also be taken into consideration.