Actionable data ensures you improve your ads

12th May 2017

ACTIONABLE Data that can be used realtime is ensuring that ROI and overall ad efficiency can be improved comprehensively, while reaching even more consumers.

In the past and still to this day, most traditional TV ad buying however highly efficient in a brand building sense is a plateau inducing measure that will only serve to enforce relative success.

Data is continuing to provide perceptive analytics that are becoming unflappably intuitive, as they succeed in providing transparent data that can be interpreted subjectively.

While linear TV campaigns have relied on either mass media buying or demographic based buying, online campaigns- although ineffective in comparison to TV- have provided actionable solutions to illustrate what creative is successful and why.

In the same regard TV has been underexploited for its increasing diversity, given the means businesses and agencies have to either marry their inventory from online, or utilise interactive advertising to project their ads to their potential consumers in a complimentary fashion.

The only previous means of ascertaining when a given TV campaign may be beginning to lose efficiency has been a decline in sales, however with data saturated campaigns you can analyse realtime when it is necessary to alter your creative, or exhibit to fresh audiences.

A multitude of waste in terms of cost-per-impression, conversion and sale is unaccountably enacted and unmonitored.

Although separate or linked analytics software has provided solutions for companies to examine the overall uplifts in sales, there is no granular elucidation that can attribute certain elements of the creative to success.

Actionable data that can be used realtime ensures you can be proactive as appose to reactive to advertising.
Actionable data that can be used realtime ensures you can be proactive as appose to reactive to advertising.

With data derived TV or linked TV and online campaigns you can ascertain which audiences and when are engaging or resonating with your ads.

While any previous analysis of ad success would be purely sales based, any awareness of the lack of longevity or unexploited longevity would either be too late or non-existent; regardless your company can now save money with data that can ensure you do not waste play-outs and time assembling new creatives or media plans.

Actionable data can underscore your analysis and pinpoint how much or little of your creative needs adapting in order to either maintain relevance, or appeal to more consumers.

Ultimately the costs that you will be cutting back on will be both creative and media buying.

Joining increasing campaign automation, the chances of a campaign underachieving is troubleshooted, while efficiency, resonance and affirmation will be optimised.

Thus for instance myriad scenarios could occur that ensure you have to change an element of your campaign, an example would be a certain call-to-action or use of language that does not resonate.

As a result you could simply return to your production company or agency and simply edit your existing ad to both conform to the desires of your existing audience, but also appeal to an even wider audience base.

For example using the actionable data that you have received you can align your creative to be more transient and appeal from both a DRTV and brand perspective.

You do not have to deviate from your overall brand prerogative, simply adjusting whatever nuance that is not resonating in your desired KPIs to offer more cognitively stimulating creative concert.

Refreshing creative as appose to formulating new ads entirely is made possible through actionable data.
Refreshing creative as appose to formulating new ads entirely is made possible through actionable data.

Thus it does not necessarily mean that a piece of creative that was devised in the first instance was failing, simply it had reached it ceiling of achievement, whereas with data actuated advertising you eliminate those barriers in your pursuit of a creative panacea.

While such a phrase is never the metanarrative you have a gauge of success that essentially knows no bounds, it is organic and influenced by those who you are trying to enchant: your consumers.

Of course that does not mean you are redundant in your means of courting their eyes and ears, on the contrary, your data ensures you can deliver for them through your sister marketing guises.

Ultimately by embedding convergence in your advertising programme, you can ensure your online advertising outlets control the impact of your TV campaigns and vice versa.

Data can drive banner ads, retargeting campaigns or other video ads to not only reiterate your advertising rhetoric, but provide the cognitive repetition to ensure your business remains in the minds of the consumer beyond the short-term memory.

As a result your data is actionable in the context of improving and moderating the effectiveness of your TV and online campaigns, but also increasing your reach as trends shift and economic behaviour changes.

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