Ad tech innovation keeps TV on top

27th March 2017

INNOVATION Continues to ameliorate the advertising industry as a whole, ensuring that costs are reduced and ROI is optimised.

Historically and even contemporarily, businesses have faced a compromise as they look to cultivate interest in their products or services.

Whether it be through budget or preference, many brands utilise just one of either TV or online, either leading to increased risks or costs.

However in an age where innovation continues foster the growing bond between digital and TV, the automation and targeting on TV ads is becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Where you maybe offering more niche products that are more seasonal or rare in their purchase, for instance houses, cars, electronics or furniture; a more specific targeting metric has been desired.

The level of intricacy that online has offered business as they clamour for greater attribution and ROI has forced TV to offer similar systems: it now is.

By marrying online data to digital set-top-boxes and the corresponding browsing habits, the latest innovation within TV can be fully utilised.

Interactive, addressable and programmatic advertising has presented businesses who desire less mass media spending, a path to more efficient and cost-effective advertising.

Innovation is making your business' advertising journey easier and more cost-effective.
Innovation is making your business’ advertising journey easier and more cost-effective.

Although more pertinent to direct response advertising, branded content would also benefit long-term sales with this form of targeting, given the near-guaranteed resonation if inventory is purchased effectively.

How these metrics calibrate with the laser scanning technique is whereby your business or agency stipulates a certain audience it wants to target, before a broadcaster will automate your campaign to broadcast to those individuals it resonates with.

Although it is only being trialled in America currently, it should be readily available in the UK by 2018.

Derivatives of this technique already exist with UK advertising, including Sky AdSmart and addressable advertising that matches inventory to your ad.

This eliminates any unwanted impressions, those that will ultimately elicit nothing in terms of DRTV KPIs, although brand resonation may still be prevalent.

While this style of advertising has proved to lead to greater accessibility to TV, with 75 per cent of Sky’s AdSmart customers being new to TV advertising, it does limit scale and word of mouth exposure.

Additionally if your scale is not capped before broadcast, the capacity for over selling is increased given the unilateral ambiguity of who will interact with your campaign and when.

This should not be reason for any aversion to this form of advertising though, it should be whether DRTV is relevant to you.

If you are looking at seasonal or modular sales, targeting those who are more likely to engage and buy your products will improve ROI, if of course you can afford the inventory.

Some broadcasters such as Sky, with AdSmart, will essentially deploy a pay-as-you-go prerogative to your purchasing, with your ad spend dictated by your impressions.

Compared to linear TV advertising it is less cost effective per-impression, however like online it can provide content to those consumers it is relevant to.

Thus in terms of offering the premise whereby any business, whether new, SME or market leader can access, TV can utilise the latest digital innovation that has been the catalyst for online’s growth and grow both of those entities.

By offering enhanced scale, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, TV is the essential stimulus for any advertising campaign.

Digital innovation has lead to advertising with TV being even more imperative.
Digital innovation has lead to advertising with TV being even more imperative.

Online is the most effective harvester of that interest as you supplement this infatuation that your TV ad’s have created with symmetrical online ads and content.

Online singularly still lacks the trust amid display and automation issues, while scale is perpetually compromised due to the lack of time that is spent on it in comparison to TV.

Therefore the facility now exists whereby you can create and automate bespoke advertising campaigns that are devoid of compromise.

Whether you are attempting to elicit instant sales with DRTV or attempting to accrue long-term resonation, the digital algorithms and services exist through either Sky, set-top boxes or your own inventory that can lead to cost-efficient and successful TV advertising.

As well as providing ultimate efficiency, innovation has provided the real-time data feedback that is actuated with the campaign , which can lead to transparent attribution and seamless planning.

As appose to creating different versions for separate audiences or outlets, one universal audience and piece of content can provide you with advertising panacea.

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