AdSmart growth lowers advertising costs

27th January 2017

ADSMART Has secured its latest coup by securing its first public broadcaster in the form of Channel 5.

Since launching nearly three years ago, Sky AdSmart has grown at relentless rates as it strives to provide more targeted and specific ads which are not mass media orientated.

By using 1,400 metrics of measuring what your audience may want from a particular ad and when, ensures that a more granular approach is taken to media buying.

Essentially your company will no longer be buying media time in bulk as such, rather paying as you engage to a degree.

Similar to the online metrics of PPC with its pay-as-you-go style, AdSmart delivers campaigns based on measurability and calculating if your ad may be specific to certain audiences at any given time.

By converging the combined inventory Sky has of its own customers, as well as the consumer data provided by Experian, enables AdSmart to offer one of the most efficient forms of targeting on TV in 2017.

Ultimately by sacrificing time for the guarantee of specific impressions that are more likely to lead to conversions and sales, you are reducing the risks of bounces from some viewers, but disabling the ability to accrue extraneous audiences who may not match your profile.

AdSmart ensures you are accountable for all expenditure on media buying.
AdSmart ensures you are accountable for all expenditure on media buying.

The plus side to this advert delivery style is the reduction in adverting costs, while improving accountability for marketers as they feedback the effectiveness of the campaign.

Furthermore the addition of Channel 5 to AdSmart’s roster has further enhanced the already vast inventory that Sky has at its disposal.

Therefore for businesses new to advertising, or operating on more tighter budgets, the ability of businesses to control and extract all of their budget without wastage is unparalleled.

The power of TV has never been questioned, therefore automating a larger inventory for lower budgets creates a perfect start-up platform for smaller businesses looking to exploit TV.

Having the ability to guarantee a ceiling to ad spend and accountability as a result in tracking how your perceived audience reacted to the ads, enables TV to become relevant to brands again snared away to online and its measurability.

Over the last 2 years since businesses have been able to utilise AdSmart, statistics have shown that 75% of those taking it up were new TV entirely.

In addition, with household brands such as Argos and Santander joining the AdSmart fold, Channel 5 is hopeful of broadening its already increased reach from 2016.

As a means of saving on advertising costs, providing watertight accountability and prioritising creative based its targeted premise, TV advertising is once more in a position to grow.

Having continued to grow with earnest in spite of continued surge in online, the guaranteed credibility and dependability of TV allied to improved measurability and accountability should ensure the upward trajectory continues.

Ultimately though AdSmart is the perfect medium for assisting start-ups in their pursuit of growth.

While some who utilise online or more linear means of advertising on TV, waste money through ad skipping and fraud fears with the former and wasted airtime with the latter, AdSmart provides transparency.

AdSmart ensures you engage with the people that matter to your brand.
AdSmart ensures you engage with the people that matter to your brand.

However in the pursuit of future upscaling and appealing to different markets who may not be obviously inclined to your product or service, mass market saturation or traditional block buying pays dividends.

Ultimately by increasing reach, TV still offers improved cost-effectiveness when compared to online.

On average your TV ad yields profit nearly twice that of your investment, while brand recognition and affirmation are the optimal stimulant to organic searches to your website.

A third of all search to your website is as a result of TV, whether using AdSmart or traditional ad buying techniques.

Space City now produces commercials for all current advertising solutions; AdSmart, Addressable and traditional included.

Having delivered success for businesses with budgets large or small, Space City continues to innovate and provide cost effective solutions.

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