Advertise without persuasion on TV

27th February 2017

ADVERTISE Your products in such a way that you know it will genuinely interest consumers- avoid persuading them.

Statistically businesses that utilise emotive advertising, or entertaining advertising that garners viral acclaim will generate twice the optimal business effects of informative or  persuasive advertising.

At a time when ad-blocking software is firmly integrated in online advertising, notwithstanding the ongoing concerns regarding display and actual consumption, TV advertising continues to innovate and offer the most effective platform to enchant new and existing audiences.

Of course online and TV working as a partnership is imperative to ensuring that your brand is retained in the minds of the consumer, but TV has to be the catalyst.

TV as a stand alone advertising entity is still twice as effective as online, achieving 50 per cent greater ROI.

Collectively though the power of advertising can be transformed with the latest innovations that both TV and online can offer your business as you advertise.

TVision is one of a multitude of observant software that can gauge how potential consumers are engaging with your ads- improving measurability and accountability.

By essentially scanning the eyes of your consumers the software can systematically gauge without ambiguity, whether viewers are actually concentrating on your content.

Advertise with TV for unrivalled measurability, impact and cost-effectiveness.
Advertise with TV for unrivalled measurability, impact and cost-effectiveness.

If they are engaged to your content then you can begin to entertain and emotively resonate with them.

TV ads are 19 per cent more effective with soundtracks, therefore if you have an engaging audio stimulus you are also more likely to maintain the visual attention.

Ultimately in an age where you can advertise in such a specific and targeted fashion, trying to focus on persuading those viewing your ads when they have already been digitally assigned to you would be a wasted enterprise.

The granular data on offer from measuring devices that can harness the information, which will dictate the relevance of your advertising to certain individuals is invaluable.

From a language perspective, as you advertise it is integral that you seize upon any social or cultural trends that will carry relevance with consumers.

Moreover given you can now run segmented campaigns across TV concurrently, you can produce alternate voice-overs or versions of your ad to appeal to localised audiences.

By buying individuals- not generic broadcast slots- you are firmly in control of the contextual perception of your ads, not compromising to provide the best solution.

If you can guarantee those consuming your ads are interested in your product or services, you can focus on the advertising direction that suits you.

Citing the success of price comparison websites succeeding with TV advertising, who are the highest spenders on TV advertising currently, consumers are changing energy suppliers more often than at any time in the last six years.

Thus you can conflate TV advertising spend to commercial success, however this is high mass media spend, not targeted, interactive advertising.

Although not the most effective advertising solution in the long-term, direct response has only been aided by the improved measurability of TV.

Whether you are a small or large company, looking to launch a new product or raise awareness of a new offer, the aim of your marketing might not be long-term brand retention.

Therefore by offering temporal solutions that can offer the instant sales uplift potential, as well as the ability to entertain, the TV advertising market will be turned upside down again for the better.

By appealing to niche and even personalised interests, you can develop cheaper, more effective solutions as you advertise.
By appealing to niche and even personalised interests, you can develop cheaper, more effective solutions as you advertise.

With the power to systematically control who your ads go to, you can create DRTV campaigns that have the ability to offer the memorability of BRTV.

Although the premise of your campaign will be to elicit sales, if you ally your message to those who will be guaranteed to interested in your product you can deliver unparalleled cost-effectiveness and ROI.

Paradoxically you are producing campaigns that will incur lower costs and advertise to fewer people, yet increase sales, profitability and measurability.

Therefore if you are looking to produce more short-term centric campaigns that focus on appealing to localised or even individualised audiences, you should focus on the trends that dominate your chosen target audience.

This can only be incentivised from a risk adversity point-of-view given the economic uncertainty that currently persists in the UK amid Brexit uncertainty.

On the flip-side though, given the guaranteed power of brand response and the lack of sharing that is elicited from TV ads, the potential to enchant fresh audiences through entertainment is stark.

Space City has produced myriad direct and brand response campaigns for TV, online and radio, ensuring businesses achieve up to 600 per cent ROI.

Contact the team now and see how easy it can be create entertaining content that changes the way you advertise forever.







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