Analytics ensure TV remains on top

16th January 2017

ANALYTICS Software has enabled TV to address the weakness it once had in comparison to the relentless rises in consumption of online advertising.

Traditionally linear TV has had primitive analytics monitoring advert success: demographics, age and gender behavioural differences dominating media buying trends.

However stable TV has been and continues to be as it remains consistently the most reliable and dependable tool to stimulate mass audiences, the ability to further objectify, individualise and control to a degree content online has lead to a market shift.

Online holds the greatest market share of any advertising medium in existence, although TV continues to top all surveys, engagement, conversion and sales figures; one-and-a-half times more affective than online.

Regarding analytics though the ability TV now has to granularly interpret data displayed to them regarding interaction with their ads, in relation to their online platforms, has enabled TV to carry both credibility and analytic impetus for the first time.

TV analytics software has improved to such an extent it offers the complete package, where online does not.
TV analytics software has improved to such an extent it offers the complete package, where online does not.

Furthermore the growth in the presence of addressable advertising, mobilising brands and media buyers in their attempts to systematically manipulate how their desired audiences interact, engage and navigate their content and the web, has ensured that cost-effectiveness has returned to TV.

As appose to buying a variety of blocks or times which generically suit their desired or perceived target audience, the growing use of semantics and software that can discern how consumers communicate.

This principle precludes a shift in how brands, production companies and buyers can create more personalised advertising: understanding why the consumer thinks how they do, not just what they do.

Analytics software integrated into TV campaigns has enabled TV to help online, not vice versa.

Currently online only ads which are not preceded by a TV campaign accrue 4 times fewer sales rises, while TV only campaigns remain buoyant in both a linear sense and throughout on-demand.

The growth of online has been sparked by the lucrative ability to cut marketing budgets, which ran concurrently with the global financial crash of 2008.

Despite this, TV ad spend has increased year-on-year during that period, with stagnation expected during 2017 despite several fewer major sporting events stimulate mass market advertisers.

Although by instilling advertising cornerstones akin to online, experts within omni-advertising, TiVo, have brought into question the risks to TV’s dependability having duplicated online to a degree.

Therefore to troubleshoot this eventuality, software now exists utilising the advances in analytics for TV and maintaining its dependability.

Such software which monitors and manages how individual audiences have engaged with certain ads, on certain channels and times- relating to contemporary audience behaviour.

Although fundamentally a hypothesis, current innovations are simply a granular evolution of previous TV advertising analytics.

By maintaining such continuity, allied to media buyers’ abilities to sell more cost effective products, TV has once again become a more accessible medium to start-up firms and SMEs’.

Addressable advertising and improved analytics ensure TV can deliver star quality for all.
Addressable advertising and improved analytics ensure TV can deliver star quality for all.

Although online ensured an impression rate and data which could discern the effectiveness of the ads, ultimately KPI achievement, brand resonance and retainment was an issue.

In order to have leverage in business, having a brand identity which can be recognised and engaged with consistently, will act as the most lucrative means of measuring the success of your company’s entire marketing operations.

By negating the ambiguity of online and justifying the now decreasing investment required for specific TV advertising, your accountability and ability to deliver success reports is simpler to ascertain.

Space City has enjoyed continuous success in conjunction with their clients over the last 25 years, as advertising has evolved to become a more interactive and long-term centric experience.

Contact the team now and see what ads produced past and present continue to deliver commercial success for clients.



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