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14th June 2018

An alternative new way for you to advertise your business in the best possible fashion

BEST Advertising practises do not have to be the reserves of mass-spending multinational corporations; there are simple steps you can take to improve results.

When approaching any campaign, whether brand related or direct response based, the key is to ensure that you devise a creative direction that can be adjusted to compliment both variants.

Although this may seem counterproductive in the sense of producing adverts that can succeed omni-platform and across various consumer segments, you can save money in the first instance and also ensure that your brand connotations are present within your response commercials, too.

With this consistency, you can grab the attention of consumers swiftly, while your ability to resonate with them is enhanced thanks to the associations with your other campaigns.

Having different ads from the same core rushes and files will improve consistency and quality, as well as enhancing the credibility of your advertising as a whole.

TV is the most trusted advertising medium, therefore with differing creatives embodying identical creative principles, you can increase brand awareness and disambiguate any confusion that may arise between differing brand and response directions.

While the differentiation is necessary for stimulating response and increasing sales
in the short term, the lack of consistency between the campaigns can often cause confusion and haemorrhage trust from your business – wasting valuable media spend.

London advertising production screenshot from Space City
Ensuring of consistency is imperative to produce the best ad campaigns.

Therefore, filming both creatives simultaneously, with both directions using the same artists, jingles, voiceover, fonts and graphics will ensure that your brand is potent and prevalent in the minds of consumers.

Although differing creative techniques are needed to maximise both executions, keeping some elements of the creative without sync-sound gives you the scope to vary voiceovers between a more explanatory tone, to a more narrative one that will be pertinent to a brand campaign.

DRTV can be more product and service based, which is often more effective with a combination of both sync-sound and voiceover, but to give you maximum flexibility using the body language and tone of what your respective ads are trying to convey, will ensure the most lucrative and best advertising practise for your business.

Depending on your industry, it will sometimes be impossible to exploit the same creative when showcasing certain products in different settings, but you can lower costs through utilising the same settings in this case.

Showcasing certain product ranges, while incorporating your brand goals and emotive context for your brand commercials is possible to shoot at the same time.

If footage can be shared, but augmented with graphics changes, the usage of different cutaways, grades and contrasts, ensures that you can utilise all the standard best practises that assist standalone branded advertising productions.

Thinkbox research has illustrated the importance of certain creative directions, which aid both response and branded campaigns for TV, but these can also support your radio and outdoor campaigns, too.

By deciding to shoot your video ads in either 4 or 8k, your visual quality will be strong enough to use in outdoor campaigns.

Having a consistent brand context across all your ad campaigns will support retention and ensure that the understanding of your business will be universally unequivocal across all consumer bases.

When taking into account the campaigns that have already been viewed or heard, you can take advantage of the emerging digital radio and TV sphere.

With the knowledge of who consumed your campaigns and the subsequent data that can be elicited to reveal uplifts and conversions, you can decide to interchange the ads that are broadcast to consumers, based on whether they need to be subjected to an ad again.

If you have already enjoyed a conversion from an ad, you do not need to repeatedly show that ad to the same consumer.

Cost-effective TV advertising for Patch Magic from Space City
For the best advertising campaigns, focus on programmatic delivery for response.

By delivering adverts programmatically, you will be able to have ads that move around in real time to compliment the consumer – saving on your media costs and improve your future advertising campaigns.

This vindicates the reduced usage of sync-sound in a commercial, which you want to be used for both brand and response purposes.

If a certain dialogue was used that did not perform for your business, it would not be best practise to continue using that ad in its current form.

However, not having that flexibility in the first instance will impair your ability to change advertising creatives cheaply.

Changing a voiceover or graphic is substantially less expensive than reshooting an ad, or editing a commercial to include new footage.

Therefore, utilising TV, radio, online and outdoor collectively, but using the same assets and communicative devices to instil credibility and memorability, all while lowering costs.

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