Brexit will not stop advertisement industry growth

10th November 2016

BREXIT Has created a wave of uncertainty that has gripped  the nation and our markets causing a culture of worldwide weariness.

Such anxiety should be expected given the current lack of clarity as to the manner of leaving the EU, however this in itself will reinvigorate the industry which has been enjoying erroneous growth particularly online.

This kind of growth if substantiated and quantified through facts and market data would cast a glowing reflection on the industry, on the contrary though this seismic boom in growth online has not correlated with the actual state of consumer behaviour.

Some 30 per cent of recorded clicks and impressions online have been lost in an algorithmic black hole, which cannot be accounted for, minimising the actual impact and control of online and cementing the erstwhile strength that TV consistently delivers.

The power of online should be underestimated through Brexit.
The power of online should be underestimated through Brexit.

In addition the control TV can offer your company is incontrovertible compared to online, with the socio-economic and demographical factors that affects TV viewing figures and times viewed, notwithstanding its own metrics of analysis, ensure that you can systematically dictate which target audience is viewing your ad, not the variable nature of online.

More pertinently though in relation to the perspective instability of Britain’s impending exit from the EU, the need to reaffirm and assure your target audience and existing customers is stark.

While consumer spending remains buoyant and continues to grow, there is no need for companies to sacrifice their market share and presence in the forefront of customers’ minds.

At a time when everyone is seeking clarity, to lapse in commercial direction would be more detrimental in the short and long terms when compared to reasserting your companies control on the market.

Peter Duffy, Chief Commercial Officer at Easy Jet felt the need to be aggressive in the face of uncertainty can give consumers a renewed focus, he argued: “If anything, there’s likely to be more support for marketing rather than any cutting back.

Direct response TV statistically has three times the impact of digital #Brexit
Direct response TV statistically has three times the impact of digital #Brexit

“We certainly intend to maintain our marketing budgets during 2017 in order to ride out consumer uncertainty and make sure our customers are aware of what we can deliver for them.” He said in an interview with Campaign Magazine.

While Ian Armstrong, Global Communications Director at Jaguar Land Rover was equally bullish in the face of Brexit, he said: “For our organisation, next year will be very much business as usual.

“That’s because we’ve got lots of model launches coming up and because, as a zero-budget company, we can adapt our plans in the light of what’s ahead.”

Although certainty is a seldom seen word to describe the current state of affairs in the UK, with the derisory offerings from major lenders regarding savings, it further incentivises spending disposable income as appose to saving it.

Therefore for you company to navigate optimally through the ongoing Brexit negotiations, it is a rudimentary form of marketing based quantitive easing that can safeguard your company; thinking of cementing growth: think Space City Productions.

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