Campaign Magazine ad honour for Space City

31st May 2018

Campaign Magazine has named its ‘turkey of the week’, with Space City being honoured for its efforts with fuel enhancement giants, CGON

CAMPAIGN Magazine has named Space City’s new TV commercial for CGON its ‘turkey of the week, with the debut ad being heralded as ‘memorable’.

Having released the Watford-based producers of fuel enhancement technology’s first ever TV ad in mid-May 2018, the commercial has been referenced by the world’s leading business media brand.

The article (linked here) was released on Thursday, 31 May, 2018 and features on the Campaign Magazine website and its Agency sub-section, which acts as a professional showcase for notable advertising productions.

While mocking the ad in a satirical voice, the Camptown Races-inspired musical score was declared a ‘half-arse jingle’, meanwhile the dancing was rendered ‘cheeky chappy’ by the synonymous magazine.

After enjoying a stronger-than-expected initial consumer response to the commercial, CGON has remained on TV, belying the ridicule that led to the ad being described as of ‘kill-me-now’ quality.

TV commercial with CGON from Space City
The TV Advertising production for CGON, although ridiculed satirically by Campaign, has enjoyed rave results.

Delivered to foster long-term memorability and brand resonance, the advertising production was undertaken within a CGON fitting station to provide the familiarity, credibility and trust necessary for the brand to be remembered lucratively enough for the business to succeed.

Although this was speculated to ‘resonate with your lager-swilling bloke on the street’, the ad has already stimulated myriad consumers from multiple socio-demographic groups to declare an interest in CGON – vindicating the creative direction chosen.

Campaign Magazine is a part of the Haymarket Group, which control publications worldwide, with the Turkey of the week honour being bestowed on Space City for the first time.

You can find out more about the CGON commercial and Space City’s suite of award-winning adverts, dating back over 25 years, on their showreel.

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