Protect Your Bubble with Jason Bradbury - Space City Productions
Protect Your Bubble with Jason Bradbury

Protect Your Bubble started TV advertising with clever but simple 2D animated commercials, produced by Space City. When they decided the time was right to step up the production values they turned to us once again.

The first decision was whether to use a Brand Ambassador. Jason Bradbury ( of The Gadget Show fame, was the obvious person. Techie and full of energy, he was the perfect embodiment of the Protect Your Bubble brand!

Using “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as a reference, we produced the first in a series of commercials integrating live action with 3D animation. Lots of clever art department puppetry ensured a fairly hilarious shoot!

The commercial performed very well and a second series of ads was required, along with a series of ads for their Family Gadget Insurance. A different product with a different target audience meant a different Brand Ambassador. We were delighted when John McEnroe accepted the challenge and agreed to use two of his best catch-phrases in the script. Putting Squeak in a John McEnroe-style wig and headband topped it off beautifully!

“Space City is a pleasure to work with. They are commercially focused and also highly creative – a perfect blend. Fantastic attention to detail and adherence to timelines. Would recommend them highly.”

Stephen Ebbett, Protect Your Bubble

“Thank you all so much for your hard work. As always Space City went over and above and the results are a fantastic set of ads.”

Corinne Webb, Protect Your Bubble