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  • CGON launches first ever TV advert
    CGON launches first ever TV advert

    CGON, the producer of emissions-reducing, fuel economy-improving software has released its first ever TV advert with Space City CGON Has launched its first ever TV commercial with Space City, with a nationwide advertising campaign showcasing its ezero1 software. Promoting the aforementioned software, which is retrofitted to cars, vans and HGVs to improve fuel economy and reduce Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Hydrocarbon Gas  emissions, Space City decided to utilise a bespoke musical score to engrain the brand in the minds of consumers. As appose to some elements of the advert being mobilised by music, the entire creative is driven by a..

  • Miracle Gro launches new TV advert
    Miracle Gro launches new TV advert

    Miracle Gro has returned to TV advertising with its first advert produced by Space City, but what creative direction did the award-winners take? MIRACLE Gro has launched its latest TV advert with Space City, with the synonymous lawn care brand showcasing its Patch Magic product. With a brief to produce a series of 10 and 20-second versions of a creative set around several common, garden-based scenarios, the award-winning production company utilised a destructive dog, football-playing children and the same artists on a swing. The American company's new TV commercial was filmed in its entirety within a one-day-shoot, at a domestic..

  • Diversity in ads difficult without injustice
    Diversity in ads difficult without injustice

    Advertising is enduring a seminal transition period amidst a push for more diversity, inclusion and reflection, but why is it a difficult for businesses to change fairly? DIVERSITY Is something that is not necessarily a prerequisite to successful adverts, but with a financial incentive to evolve, can businesses adapt smoothly? Yes, but in order for that to occur there needs to be a form of quota, guideline or other incentive to change how advertising is delivered. Currently, amidst a free-market economy, you cannot expect to artificially control how and when certain businesses advertise, but you can incentivise some form of..

  • Framd launches new TV advert with Space City
    Framd launches new TV advert with Space City

    The UK's new zero-commission art platform, Framd has arrived on TV with its debut advert produced by the award-winning Space City Productions FRAMD, the UK's first zero-commission art platform, has launched its debut TV advert in partnership with Space City Productions. The advert showcases the company's app via a humourous narrative centred around the renowned artists, Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin. An exasperated and disconsolate van Gogh is comforted by the arriving Gauguin, who informs him that the chances of selling his paintings can be improved through the nascent art-app. Focusing on the experiential juxtaposition between 1888 Arles and..

  • Lifestyle Bids launches TV ad with Space City
    Lifestyle Bids launches TV ad with Space City

    Having led numerous start-ups and SMEs to their first forays into TV advertising, Space City produced Lifestyle Bids' first TV commercial LIFESTYLE Bids, the luxury reverse auction provider, has released its first ever TV advert with Space City Productions, in a nationwide campaign. The Surrey-based business utilised the UK's number one producers of TV commercial's state-of-the-art DaVinci Grading editing software, to deliver an advert underscored by stock-footage and a voiceover. In order to keep costs down, but versatility high, a differentiation was deployed between the voiceover artists, ensuring of increased relevance and resonance to more consumers in the brand response..

  • School Reports 2018: Space City up 7 places
    School Reports 2018: Space City up 7 places

    Campaign Live released their 2018 School Reports Top 100 Agency Rankings; how did Space City fare in them? SCHOOL Reports 2018 has arrived and Space City has risen a further seven places in Campaign Live's Top 100 Agency Rankings. After a successful 2016/17 yielded a three-place-rise in 2017, Space City underscored its position as the UK's number-one-producer of cost-effective TV commercials, to offer ads that were worthy of a media spend increase of 25% compared to 2016. Having been named Best Local Employer at the Brilliant Business Awards in 2017, the School Reports showcased an improvement from Space City that..

  • Website launched by Space City
    Website launched by Space City

    The UK's number one producer of  cost-effective TV commercials, Space City, has unveiled its brand new website SPACE CITY Has launched its new website, with the UK's most productive advertising company revealing the site as a part of a brand refresh. The previous iteration has been completely overhauled, with convenience and usability at the heart of the design. A new masthead has been embedded to improve navigation, while a showreel video is now present on the homepage amidst tasters of Space City's award-winning work. With all information about Hammersmith and Fulham's Employer of the Year featuring on the main page..

  • RAF partners with Hattons in new ad
    RAF partners with Hattons in new ad

    The RAF is celebrating its 100th year of activity in 2018 and the renowned providers of commemorative coins, Hattons of London, has released its latest Space City ad to celebrate RAF 100th anniversary celebrations have been enshrined in perpetuity through Hattons of London's latest TV commercial launched by Space City. After celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Queen and Prince Phillip's marriage with a commemorative quarter sovereign last year (2017), Hattons returned to Space City to produce their latest commercial. Featuring a member of the RAF - retired Air Vice-Marshal, Peter Dye - recounting the significant impact the institution has made..

  • Clearcast to speak at Space City event
    Clearcast to speak at Space City event

    Ahead of hosting their exclusive, free event for would-be advertisers, Space City has enlisted Clearcast as the latest keynote speakers CLEARCAST Are the latest keynote speakers to join the list of industry experts contributing to the, Make Your Own TV Advert event hosted by Space City. The industry providers of clearance for TV ads work with advertisers and agencies, on behalf of all major commercial broadcasters, to get ads to air by ensuring they won’t mislead, cause harm or offend. After Guerillascope - the eponymous UK agency and media buyer - were announced as the first batch of speakers for..

  • Ethical Marketing News interviews Space City
    Ethical Marketing News interviews Space City

    After interviewing Scope about the state of advertising, the situation was inverted as Space City outlined what was necessary for long-term industry improvement and success - and it's easy to attain through ethical practises ETHICAL Marketing News has interviewed Space City Productions in order to ascertain the changes that need to be made to the advertising industry. With overall efficiency and ROI being reduced online and practises being brought into question, ethical practises concerning a lack of transparency have encouraged increased mistrust in the industry, as a result of the cryptic nature of Facebook and Google. Editor of the outlet, Stuart..

  • Comp 365 joins forces with Space City
    Comp 365 joins forces with Space City

    After providing more advertising revenue than ever before in 2016/17, Space City has joined forces with Comp 365 to ensure your business can save more money on advertising COMP 365 Has joined forces with Space City, signing an initial six-month agreement with the with the UK's number one producers of TV commercials. After meeting with Space City, the procurement specialists signed the agreement that would make the eponymous production company the exclusive providers of advertising services for Comp 365 customers. The Elstree-based business specialise in delivering a procurement service for B2B and B2C companies, with the goal being that every..

  • Access advertising for less with Comp365
    Access advertising for less with Comp365

    Advertising is a pre-requisite of controlled business growth and autonomy, ensure you access it for less thanks to the latest in free procurement ACCESS To advertising from a cost and logistics prospective has never been better; collaboration though has taken it further still. With the desire to boost accountability, measurability and lower costs, myriad businesses have chosen an autonomous approach to advertising: this is inefficient. Even with in-house production teams, your business will lack the eclecticism of experiences within the advertising world to provide versatile, optimised solutions that continue with the evolution of marketing quality. In order to access an..

  • Scope: Advertising is not inclusive enough
    Scope: Advertising is not inclusive enough

    Advertising continues to make strides in consumer interaction and ability to strike relevance, but Scope argues the disabled - amongst many - are being neglected SCOPE Have told Space City that advertising is not inclusive enough and is proving costly for businesses, with billions of pounds not exploited. Just 0.06% of all actors represented in advertising are disabled, despite a fifth of the UK population having a disability of some kind. Given the lack of representation on and off screen, those who are impaired by disability have ensured the plight has been accentuated by idiosyncratic advertising - which is paradoxically..

  • British Heart Foundation launches new ad
    British Heart Foundation launches new ad

    The work of British Heart Foundation continues to save lives across the UK; to ensure this work is communicated the eponymous charity produced their latest advert with Space City THE BRITISH Heart Foundation has launched its latest TV advert in partnership with Space City. Having previously launched a TV advert in 2017, the charity utilised the UK's most lucrative means of advertising to promote their Heart Matters Magazine. The advert focused on stimulating direct responses, while focusing on accruing data for the BHF as they look to improve and populate their CRM. Focusing on a live-action and animation combination, the..

  • Hattons of London launch TV advert
    Hattons of London launch TV advert

    Hattons of London have launched their first foray into TV advertising, but will the eponymous coin makers be minted from TV and Space City HATTONS Of London has launched their debut TV advertising campaign with Space City Productions. The animated campaign showcases the commemorative quarter sovereign celebrating the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh's platinum wedding anniversary. Specialising in direct response TV commercials, Space City were tasked with ensuring the advert could stimulate manifold responses, vital without any long-term presence of the product. With the need to instil memorability, yet stimulate instant response for the lowest possible sum of money,..

  • Villa Plus ad launched by Space City
    Villa Plus ad launched by Space City

    VILLA PLUS has returned to TV with its latest advert produced by Space City. After winning a competitive pitch back in the spring, the eponymous holiday providers returned to Space City for a third time, with the creative direction underscored by the acclaimed Perry Como hit, Papa Loves Mambo. The advert will be used by the holiday villa providers for the next two years as a part of a long-term brand response campaign. While also having a presence on radio and through outdoor display, the St Albans based company will utilise the generic memorability, emotive elicitation qualities of the number one means of advertising: TV. Director of the commercial, Peter Clapperton, emphasised the importance of a jovial atmosphere; essential for the conveyance of tone Villa Plus desired, he said: "Villa Plus challenged us with a huge quantity of content. "Not only did we create a refreshing TVC with versions, but we also delivered two years of content in a variety of formats: TV, online, print (including photography & 360’s), a tall order for a campaign, let alone one shoot. [caption id="attachment_2479" align="alignnone" width="300"] Villa Plus chose TV and Space City to induce emotive response from their consumers.[/caption] "With so much to achieve, it was essential for me, as the director, to create a fun, exciting atmosphere, for the cast to reflect in the imagery & shots. "We surpassed the client's expectations in every aspect, delivering a quality campaign that was on brand and enjoyable to watch - the feedback has been consistently positive." The commercial..