Cathartic advertising will facilitate DRTV

21st July 2017

DRTV and overall response advertising consistently elicits sales; ensuring that you are cathartic for audiences omni-platform is imperative.

CATHARTIC Advertising may seem in some instances somewhat of an oxymoron, the notion is vital though in all advertising as you seek to resonate.

The delivery of adverts, whether seen to be response driven or brand driven cannot form the guise of sales, disruption or long-form.

In an attempt to generate leverage and relevance online, advertisers and brands have resorted to longer ads.

Although this may seem pertinent when seeking to embody the metrics that have assisted the elevation and cementation of TV as the most effective means of brand affirmation, ultimately it juxtaposes the very reasons why most consumers will be utilising online services.

With the desire for convenience, consumers do not generally go online to relax, be enlightened or to be entertained per se, but seek a platform where they can ultimately access what they desire at the moment they require it.

Through long-form ads or creatives that embody disruption, the intended call-to-action will be dismissed from a contextual and emotive perspective.

With TV also, the ability to utilise longer ads at least is more mobile, but the overall length, composition and tone of any ad style will support product and brand recognition as and when your creatives’ shift.

Of course there must be a differentiation in composition in your ads as you seek to create distinction between your brand driven ads and response ones, but an overall cathartic tone is imperative in the context of selling and retaining your brand in the minds’ of consumers.

A cathartic tone ensures maximum resonation and affirmation with your brand, regardless of the desired call-to-action.
A cathartic tone ensures maximum resonation and affirmation with your brand, regardless of the desired call-to-action.

Ultimately sales is dictated more by body language and tone rather than the language itself, therefore aggression, shouting or any other form of disruptive advertising such as this will reduce your sales potential by 60% (IPA: Marketing in the era of accountability).

Thus focusing on the cathartic context will ensure a correlation between the mindset of your consumers as they consume your advertising, in turn with that of your actors within your ad.

Moreover the entire concept should be interwoven to provide the transitions and musical cues that compliment the tone of voice of the narrative conveyed.

Without such consistency your ads will emit ambiguity, something which will be more detrimental to branded advertising than DRTV, but ultimately distort the tone and assimilative experience necessary for both brand and direct response.

Ultimately DRTV is the most successful means of eliciting short term sales, even more so than PPC, which continues to have a higher cost-per-conversion rate than TV, therefore ensuring your consumers are relaxed and satisfied from a media perspective is vital.

Conversely as your business looks to create unilaterally successful campaigns that compliment both TV and online – notwithstanding mobile, when working towards a response driven campaign the imperative should be towards showcasing your product or service, embodying humour at its heart.

In this manner the disruptive nature of online advertising can be stymied and the need for convenience can be satisfied.

Ensuring that your website for instance has the capabilities to deal with the convenience offered by your online video is equally imperative; if the call-to-action cannot be exercised without separate intervention by the consumer, you will ultimately just be collecting obsolete views.

Ensuring your website is equipped to service your desired call to action is imperative as you exploit cathartic advertising.
Ensuring your website is equipped to service your desired call-to-action is imperative as you exploit cathartic advertising.

Therefore having a branded underpinning to your creative is integral in order for any corresponding online campaign to work.

With TV the expectation and mindset is collective and in situ, there is no imperative need to reiterate brand – it’s a tertiary factor, but not integral; with online though it is vital to ensuring the limited time you have with the consumer is maximised.

Thus in order to amplify this cathartic influence a more descriptive tone will be beneficial: from a showcasing, inclusive and PR point-of-view.

With accessibility, equality and diversity firmly in the spotlight, ensuring they are all celebrated in unison within your advertising will serve your business from a retention and response perspective.

Contemporarily over two million people still cannot access advertising effectively; whether it be through visual or auditory impairment, many cannot access your content as a result of habitual advertising: this needs to change.

The software is available, the creative teams are in place, the action from your part is simply to offer a versatile, emotive and brand centric, cathartic offering that will serve to increase your reach and sales potential.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, pioneering the first audio descriptive TV advertisement awaiting broadcast.

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