CGON launches first ever TV advert

18th May 2018

CGON, the producer of emissions-reducing, fuel economy-improving software has released its first ever TV advert with Space City

CGON Has launched its first ever TV commercial with Space City, with a nationwide advertising campaign showcasing its ezero1 software.

Promoting the aforementioned software, which is retrofitted to cars, vans and HGVs to improve fuel economy and reduce Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Hydrocarbon Gas  emissions, Space City decided to utilise a bespoke musical score to engrain the brand in the minds of consumers.

As appose to some elements of the advert being mobilised by music, the entire creative is driven by a jingle, based on Stephen Foster’s Camptown Races, but remastered for a 21st century, environment-aware, fuel-efficiency-conscious consumer.

Utilising the actors themselves to drive the call-to-action, with a choreographed dance routine mobilising the ebullient tone of the ad, Space City delivered the advert to instil conscious and subconscious brand awareness and context, which would be embedded as the association viewers have with the business when mentioned.

TV commercial production from Space City with CGON
CGON has made its TV advertising debut with Space City.

The advert will be utilised nationwide across multiple channels, with mass awareness being the rationale behind utilising TV for the brand-building process.

CGON’s technology has elicited improvements in fuel economy of over 30%, while it has reduced emissions by over 75% on some vehicles, with the hydrogen released into the engine burning the harmful gasses off, before they are emitted from the exhaust.

The advert consists of a 30-second creative that will be used to instil a consistent, unambiguous brand direction, which will create a clear niche for CGON to thrive within.

Utilising music in advertising mobilises the call-to-action, which is woven into the song itself that boosts response by more than 10%.

Space City’s debut advertising production with the technological innovators was delivered at a CGON fitting centre itself – saving on costs and improving the authenticity of the commercial.

You can watch the new CGON TV commercial, now by clicking, here.

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