Charity partnerships can boost ad sales

26th July 2017

Your business is constantly striving to lower advertising costs, through the implementation of charity partnerships you can thrive

CHARITY Partnerships have long provided mutual benefits to both the charity themselves and the business in partnership: celebrate it.

Advertising success is driven by emotive resonance and necessity, therefore by celebrating your virtues and providing joint TV advertising ventures your business can lower costs and provide collective benefits for yourselves and your affiliate.

Of course exposing the ideals of any charity that you may come across could be detrimental to your brand and your overall ethos; both your visions have to be aligned for the partnership to succeed.

Through the aligned display of both your brands and causes collectively you could not only share in the costs of delivering the campaign, but also enjoy the benefits of adding further distinction from your competitors.

Creative and the originality of it is imperative to distinguishing yourself from any competition and establishing what your values, service and purpose constitute.

Although this can be achieved through emotive, brand driven ads, this relative success is only going to provide your business with leverage contemporarily, to instigate increased success, economic growth and ultimately greater exposure will serve to boost your business for the long-term and in a wider context.

Whereas the only exposure on offer to your business is from your own marketing channels and your consumers, by conciliating another body to your company and the people that our involved with that, you are providing increased upscaling capabilities.

Of course the extent of the mutual exposure is defined by your own internal agreements or contractual obligations, but initiating the mutual celebration and truly immersing your business in your partner will serve to add credibility, authenticity and emotive leverage.

Through immersing your company in that of your charity partner you will enjoy lowered costs and sales increases of at least 70%.
Through immersing your company in that of your charity partner you will enjoy lowered costs and sales increases of at least 70%.

Faux emotive claims can of course be made, but through the inherent power and credibility that TV inhabits your business needs to ensure these claims can be substantiated.

As well protecting your business legally and commercially, by fostering official links between yourself and your partner the integrity of your business is fostered.

With increased credence offline, your online campaigns can carry inherent trust, ensuring that the joint exposure of your partnership can work from both a B2B and B2C perspective.

As you look celebrate the partnership mutually, having a combined data pool that could be established utilising the success of blockchain would essentially provide a free source of CRM improvement.

Moreover through a reciprocal affiliate marketing scheme you can establish free sources of new leads and potential consumers, which can both sample your business’ work and that of the charity and ensure cognitive affirmation and clarity as to what both your services provide.

Having another leveraging factor imbedded within your brand, your competitors will inevitable feel compelled to replicate, as has been the routine when any successful ploy is initiated.

As a result the onus once more returns to the symmetry and how your two brands compliment each-other: if your charity can only be aided through finance alone it is not a complimentary match.

The ensuing increase in competition for placement in this regard will concurrently provide wider economic boosts, with lowered costs and the publicity of them ensuring that more consumers can be mobilised and cultivate individual and national prosperity.

In addition to the direct personal benefits, from your business’ perspective, ensuring that the inclusion and celebration of groups within society that have been left underrepresented is prevalent, your business will be assured of the commercial benefits intrinsic to socially progressive advertising.

Through not only the support, but complete inclusion of those at the heart of your charity partnership will you enjoy long-term memorability and sales uplifts.
Through not only the support, but complete inclusion of those at the heart of your charity partnership will you enjoy long-term memorability and sales uplifts.

With the amount of charities in the UK approaching the 200,000 mark and the volume of businesses topping 5.5 million, the competition for charity partnerships that align with mutual values is abundant.

Once initiated your TV advertising will only increase in its unilateral emotive appeal, which will improve your long-term efficiency and short-term sales potential as you proliferate your USPs.

Through the instigation of this tact you will be reducing overall costs for your consumers, while more than absorbing the loss-of-revenue-per-unit through the increase in sales and exposure of your brand.

With the benefits manifest to both parties you can forge a permanent creative direction that can underpin your future response-driven campaigns.

Whether it akin to the Innocent, Knitted Hats campaign, or for instance a similar tact used to fundraising organisations that incentivise donations, through offering charitable donation matching for sales, notwithstanding Gift Aid.

Such initiatives can be seamlessly and appropriately timed utilising the latest media buying tools, namely addressable and programmatic, which can both optimise the audience that is viewing your ad and ensuring they are not seeing it too often.

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