Christmas really can be everyday in ads

21st June 2017

CHRISTMAS Is perpetually the time where businesses in their droves will seek to secure a culturally symbolic ad that embodies the entire period.

While this time represents the periods where businesses and advertisers revert to a more traditional, linear, brand-driven tact when it comes to their marketing, it highlights a fundamental failing within advertising: why don’t businesses attempt to deploy similar tactics throughout the rest of year?

From a pragmatic point-of-view it is the exorbitant outlay of producing the ad that may inhibit some from producing a similarly derived creative within the same year, however given the leverage advertising carries with consumers, why wouldn’t it be successful?

Well some would point to the fact that linear TV at least does not garner quite the same volume of impressions as it used to – this could not be further from the truth though.

In the past the impetus within TV would be centred almost completely around branded content; ads that could be engrained within the minds of consumers, ensuring that when needed they would call upon their services.

Amid the rise and breadth in the consumption of technology, which has served to both improve measurability and consumer harnessing, many have taken this shift towards instant gratification as a conflation to the demise of linear, branded TV advertising.

Despite TV audiences as a whole stagnating – not falling as some would make you believe – its ability to provide cost-effective, sales inducing ads would have declined perhaps?

Sadly not for the doomsayers, who seek to peddle the myth that online can provide the standalone, analytical, data-driven lynchpin to your entire advertising operations: TV is inexorable in its ability to act as the catalyst to any successful campaign.

Christmas derived ads can and will provide resonation for all to enjoy.
Christmas derived ads can and will provide resonation for all to enjoy.

Like Christmas embodies intrinsically sympathetic, selfless, virtuous and harmonious thoughts, TV carries the inherent stimulus to grow quickly and permanently.

While the recycling of the eponymous Christmas TV commercial has become as much a seasonal staple as the culinary trimmings of it, the message to all has to be that if you want to curate an encompassing brand image the only premise to showcase it is on TV.

For instant responses, creating a lasting brand perception and to ensure the greatest efficiency, TV still is and will continue to be the leader or catalyst for growing businesses.

The key for your business though is to harness this advertising panacea in two ways: one is to execute it in the first-place through TV, the other is to extend the core messages of it to implement similarly emotive, messaged focused campaigns that can deliver not only year-round success, but mobilise social change.

Notwithstanding the trust this will reestablish in advertising as a whole, your business can take advantage of the success TV and online can generate as a collective.

Amidst the emergence of online as serious advertising harvester and generator of sales success, the merits of adding TV to your ad portfolio have increased from 27% in 2006 to 40% in 2016.

Previously TV as a standalone entity provided mainly the branded aspect to advertising, knowing audiences tuned in it was an easy decision for marketers to use it.

With the current age though and the ability to analyse not only online campaigns fastidiously, but TV too thanks to the latest cloud driven, analytics enhanced ads.

Given that TV can provide unparalleled levels of both brand resonation and instant sales increases, the scope to exploit its abilities as a lead generator are stark.

Christmas may still be some time away at the time away, but ultimately it and its values should be embedded within the prerogatives of businesses all-year-round.

The cultural symbolism of Christmas can be replicated all-year-round.
The cultural symbolism of Christmas can be replicated all-year-round.

By implementing regular TV spots with not too much saturation, costs can be reduced and when considering the more interactive and programmatic means of advertising now available, you can establish your most effective channels and creative tacts swiftly.

The emphasis therefore has to be around empowerment, entertainment and resonation, embodying and mobilising a particular movement or force.

It is really the connotational association with the time of year that provides the instant emotive resonance, thus artificially creating the facility for this is imperative.

Christmas may only be one day, but its effect on your business is profound.

By simply creating a generic version of an all encompassing tact, your brand can begin to embody a new trend, one that mobilises resonation reach and growth all-year-round and like keeping a dog: not just for Christmas.

Ads that focus on empowerment enjoy up to 70% increases in engagement and optimum business effects.

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