Clearcast to speak at Space City event

30th October 2017

Ahead of hosting their exclusive, free event for would-be advertisers, Space City has enlisted Clearcast as the latest keynote speakers

CLEARCAST Are the latest keynote speakers to join the list of industry experts contributing to the, Make Your Own TV Advert event hosted by Space City.

The industry providers of clearance for TV ads work with advertisers and agencies, on behalf of all major commercial broadcasters, to get ads to air by ensuring they won’t mislead, cause harm or offend.

After Guerillascope – the eponymous UK agency and media buyer – were announced as the first batch of speakers for the event, Jan Cooper, Senior Copy Group Executive at Clearcast, will explain the importance of advertising clearance, how it works and where Clearcast sits within the wider context of the advertising industry.

Although legally obligatory for any advert looking to enter the TV domain, for those only looking to advertise online it is not a legal requirement to obtain clearance before adverts are released.

With VOD advertising increasing in popularity over the last five years, it is now advised in this instance that Clearcast is utilised to protect both consumers and businesses.

Clearcast provide the clearance that can protect businesses from litigation.
Clearcast provide the clearance necessary for you to appear on TV.

Under the jurisdiction of the ASA in the UK, Clearcast also provides advice on advertising campaigns set to feature overseas, ensuring that businesses have scope to expand legally, more efficiently.

Space City’s staffing roster has been trained and accredited by the perennial clearance providers, ensuring that campaigns can be delivered swiftly and compliantly.

The event on Thursday, 7 December 2017 will offer a visceral insight into the entire advertising world, ensuring guests can have a completely encompassing understanding of what it takes to produce successful, compliant and expedited campaigns.

The London-based company clears 65,000 ads-per-year, ensuring that consumers are engaged in the promotions and services of the UK’s 1.4 million limited companies.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, working with Clearcast and Guerillascope to deliver ads that have leveraged 600% sales increases.

Contact the team now and ensure you secure your free place at the Make Your Own TV Advert event – potentially securing at least 5% discounts from future campaigns.

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