Communication key to advertising success

5th June 2017

COMMUNICATION Is imperative to the success of any company as it seeks to enchant and engage new and existing consumers: instilling it unilaterally is key.

In increasingly saturated markets and niches, utilising the most efficient advertising means is becoming increasingly automated and effected by the creative itself.

Therefore optimising your creative in the first place can ensure your ad and business can steal a march on your competitors organically, without the need to artificially circumvent any prowess they may have engineered through an optimal creative or targeting strategy.

Thus whether you are utilising more contemporary, programmatic means of advertising or linear, you can still organically enhance the effectiveness of your campaign through communication.

Knowledge is ultimately power to your business and your consumers, thus by facilitating conversation within both your ads and company you can deliver both media buying and creative that has the power to foster efficiency and resonation.

In the case of the former, your efficiency can be improved by essentially utilising the latest derivatives of interactive TV advertising.

By communicating with both media buyers and your consumers; understanding how they communicate both on and offline, you can conciliate the algorithms to connect with consumers who are likely to engage, while offering reliable, real-time data that you can actively change ensuring that you are constantly on a trajectory towards an advertising panacea.

Moreover by undertaking due diligence with your media analytics, establishing how your creative budget can be used and when, your business can maximise programmatic advertising that shifts your weakest creative to the weakest channels; negating budget waste.

Entertaining communication that drives retention and response is elicited through savvy buying.
Entertaining communication that drives retention and response is assisted by the more targeted and sophisticated metrics that now exist.

Therefore the overall prerogative of your business should be to learn from the experiences of rivals and media buyers in the past.

By utilising an internal, biased approach your business will be inherently inhibiting itself from maximising the technological advances of today.

With the premises’ available for your business to both maximise and manipulate your capabilities in providing complimentary advertising, the focus should centre around the creative concert itself.

Ultimately the success of the creative is co-dependant on both the media placement and its effectiveness as an entertaining, immersive and emotive piece of content.

Thus to mobilise it and ensure your success is optimised above that of your competitors, enabling the linguistic and editing techniques to come to the fore will be imperative.

Ads that utilise the highest levels of engagement on the advertising spectrum elicit 10% higher responses compared to such ads that utilise the least communication.

This can be used to drive your product and brand, ultimately it should be an intrinsically linked script that exploits connotational instinct to convey a brand image that will maximise sales uplifts, resonation and growth.

Thus communication can drive word-of-mouth and online chat more so than any other medium.

If your campaign does not maximise these traits in a complimentary fashion, the efficiency of media placement will ensure your ad is consigned to inefficiency and low ROI.

Therefore by instilling communication in a style that is not a contemporary or historical phenomenon will ensure you circumvent any artificial growth mechanisms.

Using music as a mobilising force will transform any ad towards achieving improved short and long-term results.

Utilising music as both a brand encoding and sales eliciting force will ensure maximum ROI.
Utilising music as both a brand encoding and sales eliciting force will ensure maximum ROI.

By utilising music as a means of driving the action or creative choice within the ad, you are increasing memory encoding by 14%.

If-when you consider that communication also drives sales increases- utilising both of these encompassing forms of entertainment together, you can create the cultural staple that has driven many others to success.

Adverts such as the original Moonpig and GoCompare adverts utilised the abstract to mobilise encoding and resonation, marrying communication to music in the case of the latter and communication, animation and humour with the former, to forge long-term commercial success.

Thus regardless of how efficient ad placement may be in the current age, if the creative is not original, mobilising, entertaining or affirming in some regard your campaign will be vulnerable amongst similarly placed campaigns.

Therefore to optimise it, a constant cycle of critical thinking is necessary to enable this process: once you have converged some metrics of advertising you must continue to intrinsically link them to provide a force for resonation.

Consequently this must translate to your online campaigns, ultimately the process of collaboration facilitates success, by providing further resonation through the inherently credibility of TV you can increase online dissemination and brand credence.

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