Comp 365 joins forces with Space City

6th October 2017

After providing more advertising revenue than ever before in 2016/17, Space City has joined forces with Comp 365 to ensure your business can save more money on advertising

COMP 365 Has joined forces with Space City, signing an initial six-month agreement with the with the UK’s number one producers of TV commercials.

After meeting with Space City, the procurement specialists signed the agreement that would make the eponymous production company the exclusive providers of advertising services for Comp 365 customers.

The Elstree-based business specialise in delivering a procurement service for B2B and B2C companies, with the goal being that every sector is represented by the company.

Covering businesses from myriad sectors, Comp 365 provide their personal service utilising accountants and builders, to web developers and advertising production companies like Space City.

By offering a free consultancy service to consumers, members of the burgeoning company offer exclusive discounts to potential customers, ensuring that savings can be made and credibility improved through actual quality of service.

With this latest appraisal from Comp 365, Space City can continue to provide its complete-service agency experience, while enjoying objective, unbiased appraisal.

By initiating partnerships with businesses like Comp 365, Space City can continue to provide credibility and accountability.
By initiating partnerships with businesses like Comp 365, Space City can continue to provide credibility and accountability.

After rising three places in the Campaign Live Agency Rankings this year, the London-based production company continue to improve the quality of adverts disseminated to businesses worldwide.

Having accreditations confirmed earlier in 2017 from Clearcast – the clearance providers for adverts in the UK – staff can ensure that compliance underpins all advertising creatives produced.

Through the nascent partnership with Comp 365, Space City has cemented their belief that credibility, not claims, are behind repeat business and forging lasting partnerships with clients.

80% of businesses who use Space City return to the Hammersmith-based company for subsequent advertising creatives.

You can find out more about Comp 365 and your chance to get exclusive discounts from your next advertising campaign by reading about the partnership here.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, making more commercials than any other company since the turn of the millennium.

Contact the team now and find out more about the latest ethical and technological innovations that can save you more than 50% from your advertising budget.


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