Competition key to sales increases

31st October 2017

Competition between businesses is strong, but expedited advertising can be usurped by increased agency collaboration

COMPETITION Is imperative for any progressive and functional economy to operate, but within the industry itself old habits continue to permeate.

With the drive from businesses to become more ethical in their overall practices, the agencies and production companies themselves need to embody a more progressive, innovation-centric approach to advertising.

The complicity to continuing stereotypes has only served to perpetuate the continuing divide between consumers and businesses.

Therefore beyond the ethical soundbites and periphrastic directives that carry little or no relevance to a company’s overall direction, the entire output of the companies you choose to develop your advertising with needs to evolve.

Thus the directive of your company should be to be more critical of the agencies and production companies you seek to employ, ensuring that competition proliferates and agencies themselves are better placed to combine specialities, delivering more efficient and successful campaigns.

With increased collaboration between agencies the pool of talent at your disposal will be greater, ensuring that your business can utilise the most relevant staff for your company.

Although some of the best agencies in the country may be generically successful, some niche brands – especially SMEs and start ups – will perhaps lack the tactile knowledge that smaller or different agencies may have of that particular sector.

While for the creative industry as a whole, this may seem counter-intuitive towards fostering increased sales, the increased reach from both a PR and marketing perspective will ensure that awareness of agency specialities also come to the fore, ensuring that both agencies and businesses can work together to optimise the innovations necessary for business development.

While it may seem counter-intuitive to help the competition, your business will be rewarded for the increased productivity and organic reach elicited.
While it may seem counter-intuitive to help the competition, your business will be rewarded for the increased productivity and organic reach elicited.

This competition will be the catalyst behind the break from the opaque nature of many agencies.

Of course you can research the respective agencies, but with increased collaboration or a service where specialities are forged, true competition can flourish with the increases in knowledge of operating techniques.

A detrimental outcome peripherally, the knowledge can ensure that true innovations and product developments are expedited: improving services and fostering trust in an industry that needs fresh impetus.

Leading UK agencies have been extolling the virtues of the industry and how the capacity for more agencies is abundant, yet principles from this perspective have not changed.

Creative networks exist from industry leaders like The Drum and Campaign Magazine; offering appraisal and analysis, yet so many agencies are pertinacious toward being toward providing generic qualities.

Particularly when it comes to direct response, clear understanding of niches and how to appeal scientifically to potentially consumer bases is vital.

Yet many in the upper echelons are simply driven by creative soundbites that often lack substance.

Celebrating and publicising true success in the age of fake news and consumer distrust has become increasingly difficult, but its ultimately the figures that truly matter to business growth that need to be more regularly disseminated.

Ultimately agreed codes of conduct need to be agreed to be agreed beyond agencies and businesses for that matter that ensure both consumers and companies respectively can enjoy increased trust and productivity.

With more competent staff members being utilised within respective jobs, not only is that in itself incentivising evolution and change at agency level, but it increases productivity and accountability for the business advertising.

Looking at your business output from an international perspective will ensure of increased competition and success.
Looking at your business output from an international perspective will ensure of increased competition and success.

Competition ultimately leads to growth, with the proliferation of opacity, it has been difficult for businesses and consumers to decipher what is fact and what is a distortion.

Therefore onus needs to be placed on more generic accountable metrics that can judge the output of agencies; from volume of ads produced, to the success of them – concerning sales increases, efficiency and ROI.

This can only be proliferated and made ubiquitous through collaboration between rivals in the advertising sector, ensuring that from both agency and business perspective your productivity increases, affecting the wider economy positively.

Productivity has been questioned from a UK perspective in recent years, with little progress made, however much can be done to arrest this relative stagnation exploiting this deontological approach to business.

Rule-based thinking applies to ads themselves, however arbitrary the system may be, yet for the agencies and businesses who produce and celebrate them, a lack of adherence and willingness to communicate has stifled the industry.

From a tertiary perspective too your business can enjoy increased growth.

With the exposure from just one agency or production company, you are limited with your growth potential; by collaborating with more agencies you can increase organic exposure, without sacrificing budget.

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