Contrast key to an SME’s branded ad

20th September 2017

Contrast may seem like a disruptive, confusing element to embed in your advertising, but it is intrinsically imperative to as success

CONTRAST And transition can be portrayed in an eclectic array of manners, through changeable, contextually clear advertising you will succeed.

In a literal sense the power of contrast is inexorably prevalent within your ads, ensuring of 20% increased response and retention upon end branding.

Although in itself an improving factor for your advertising, your ultimate success has to be derived more so from science and the impact that certain branding, context and concept cues can have on cognitive activity.

Emotion as appose to oppression through persuasion is the ultimate key to enchanting your audience in both the conscious and sub-conscious.

Through focusing on the juxtaposition that stimulates the experience and escapist desires of your consumers, your agency/production company needs to be given creative license to deliver the contextual stimuli that can underscore your entire brand.

This in turn with response driven advertising needs to have the creative cues that utilise the contrast between the mundane and humourous.

Of course not all contexts and programming will warrant creatives that allude to humour in such a context, with more sombre, symbolic emotive context necessary in this instance.

What has stifled many businesses in their pursuit of establishing creative avenues in recent years is the need to compliment the power of search, thus words that conciliate their target consumer base, not the manner of deliver and creative cues that reaffirm originality; a niche.

Although the power of search should not be disparaged, the focus should be to focus on the delivery of these key terms and embedding them within your online output; boosting SEO in the process.

Instilling context through contrast is crucial. The delivery of the words is just as important as the words themselves.
Instilling context through contrast is crucial. The delivery of the words is just as important as the words themselves.

Thus your delivery should be dictated by your desired call-to-action; how you want your consumers to feel about your ad – most importantly: how you want them to think.

Ensuring that contrasts, creative ideas; music for instance drive your call-to-action and emotive context is imperative.

The means now exist to augment this prodigious advertising style with the offers, localised or behavioural deferences that can drive instant response.

Ratings and analytics giants, Nielsen, have formed a partnership with interactive TV advertising providers, Connekt and Ensequence.

As a result it will now be possible to deliver traditional DRTV or brand response campaigns, but enjoy realtime intervention with them to add such graphics that may provide the targeted resonance you seek from search based display.

Through these innovative means your business can focus on the creative element of your advert, ensuring that this element works for your business organically, without as much impetus on media buying.

Automation has become the buzz word for marketers as they look to placate their superiors, and provide the instant accountability and measurability of ad campaigns.

With the work theoretically done for you in a sense of complimentary customisation, display and broadcasting programmatically, your business can focus on the creatives that will provide the escapism and experience that your consumers crave.

Regardless of whether you are a newer business; smaller, or even a major corporation, a focus on the sensual aspects of your ad and the context that is portrayed with that is key.

Given the need to focus on accessibility, your business needs to ensure that all bases are covered.

Having the visual and auditory branding and scripting, will be crucial to maximising your reach and improving social mobility.

As you look to improve sales and social mobility, the contrast of your ads needs to cover both predominant senses.
As you look to improve sales and social mobility, the contrast of your ads needs to cover both predominant senses.

The responsibility of advertisers – thus your business – from a cultural and social level is manifest.

Peddling stereotypes will only lower your advertising success, while it also carries great influence over other matters.

In the wake of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign, the satisfaction in one’s appearance amongst females doubled, underlining the impact advertising continues to have on wider society.

Thus with your next advertising campaign, the presence of contrast has to be an attack on the senses.

Combining the use of music, visual transition and speaking roles you can orchestrate a creative vision that embodies originality – only in this instance can you truly forge the brand identity that distinguishes itself from search terms.

Advertising that utilises contrast effectively – in combination with complimentary music – will elicit up to 65% increases in memory encoding and multiplier reach.

Entertaining content that inspires can only be optimised with the transitions that convey the story of your brand.

Acting like chapters; punctuation to a degree the contrast of your visuals in tandem with your audio has to be harmonious, otherwise you are automatically inhibiting your potential reach.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio campaigns for 25 years, utilising state-of-the-art in-house DaVinci Grading software to maximise contextual contrast.

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