Costs of advertising: keep it below 10k

22nd September 2017

Advertising costs have been spiralling for myriad reasons, focusing on the power of editing and you can still create symbolic, powerful advertising that elicits long-term sales success

COSTS Naturally seem to spiral with inflation, increased competition and expedience, but you do not have to waste exorbitant amounts on advertising.

Ultimately an ad which has several million pounds spent on it will be successful for your business, but that level of outlay does not have to be conflated to guaranteeing success.

Depending on the size and age of your business, you will of course of budget constraints, ensuring that certain creative directions cannot be dogmatically aligned to idiosyncrasies.

However with the power of creativity, delivering prowess can be contrived artificially and circumvent the costly metrics that will organically ensure of credibility and success.

Animations too can be costly when looking to create truly escapist visions.

While leveraging escapism is vital for successful branding and complimenting the mind of the consumer, you can deliver this for less through the virtues of storytelling and providing minimalist interpretations of what potentially costs more.

The more expensive iterations will be more visceral for the consumer, providing the overall experience that fosters indexing and future sales, but for the volume of success per-pound-spent you can access the power of effective advertising for less.

Some of the most successful advertising creatives of all time have elicited comparable levels of lucrativeness, for fractions of the costs of the millions of pounds spent by businesses like Unilever and John Lewis every year.

To have a completely bespoke advert, produced from scratch and edited ready for broadcast on TV, or display online, can be achieved for less than £10,000.

While the majority of businesses Space City work with this does not ultimately deliver the vision that they desire from their creative; the scenarios, locations and artists for instance have additional costs attached to them, thus to eliminate these you would need to initiate an ad creative bereft of sync-sound, focusing on voice-over and your own licensed, pre-recorded track.

Costs can be reduced through se
Costs can be reduced through placing on editing as appose to volume of artists, locations and concepts used.

Music, vocals and the delivery of them are intrinsic to advertising success, thus not having prolific levels of interaction can be inhibitive to retention and sales elicitation.

Therefore to negate this you need to utilise the brand niche you devise to form the underpinnings of both your awareness and response campaigns.

For some companies with particularly seasonal or transient business interests, these costs cannot be reduced from a point of not producing additional adverts, but you can still reduce costs logistically and creatively.

Regardless of whether you are new business, SME or major corporation, savings can be made as you look maximise you budget, boost ROI and ensure your marketing operates as efficiently as possible.

Instead of artist fees for instance you could look to symbolism. Symbolism can be initiated through more than just mass artistry and and extortionate special effects.

With one artist for instance you can represent your consumer, utilising the power of editing to add focus on the elements of the creative, those that can intimate elements of a story through the embedding of sound, music and grade manipulation can convey similar traits.

Ultimately you are looking at indexing your brand within consumer minds in the most efficient manner possible, therefore the impetus needs to be synchronising your music to the emotions you are looking to bestow on your consumers.

Through utilising stories that are not selling per se, but are built on transition; visual and audio cues that reflect your brand message, you will instil those brand virtues on your consumer, regardless of spend.

Yes this can be reiterated; embossed with increased vigour through more assets, visual effects that assist with indexing and fostering affirmation, but it does not have to be the case.

Your business can still enjoy rave sales results with lower costs. By securing more
Your business can still enjoy rave sales results with lower costs. By focusing on transitions and your scripting you can flourish.

If you choose a studio location or restricting the hire of a location to single rooms you can lower costs in this regard, while utilising the same company for creative, production and post-production will more than half your outlay.

Negotiating life-time buyouts will also reduce your costs for artists and music or stock footage used for instance.

The latter also providing an excellent low cost alternative to filming bespoke footage for your business.

Any voice-overs, graphics that are utilised for your business can be added to provide the exclusivity you desire, without the need for complete live-action-shoots.

Insisting on using a studio will ensure that a canvas is there for you to conceptualise a variety of ideas without additional insurance costs, reconnaissance fees and transport costs, or any unnecessary editing costs.

By placing the onus on transition and portraying visual and audio symmetry, your business  can still achieve indexation and affirmation of creative, without the need to risk more budget for very little additional gain.

A £20,000 advert produced by Space City delivered sales increases of 600% for a client, while others have led to businesses increases in size by more than six fold.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio campaigns for 25 years, utilising in-house casting studios, edit and audio suites to provide TV commercials for less than £10,000.

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