Counting the cost of currency in advertising

25th January 2017

COUNTING The cost of fluctuating currency has been near impossible over the last few months and looks set continue, but now for the better.

With almost seven months of relentless decline in the pound against its rivals, gloomy hypothesise are beginning to concede to more buoyant times ahead.

After self-admitted disaster pricing from traders, planning a contingency for effectively the worst possible outcome or prolonged lack of certainty.

Having remained relatively bullish in the wake of the Brexit vote, consumer spending has been abundant, Government borrowing is down and growth forecasts have been revised.

Factoring this into account, currency traders have begun readdressing the weaker buying patterns with a ‘re-oreintation of sentiment’.

This shift in buying rhetoric has situated itself coincidently with a declining Dollar and Euro, with the pound recovering to six-week highs.

Despite the relative uncertainty regarding Britain’s economic route post-Brexit after the latest High Court ruling, rises underpinned the paradigm of volatility that has engulfed the markets in recent months.

However given Prime Minister, Theresa May’s drafting of the bill which will outline the long-term vision of the country and economy, prolonged growth in the pound should be cemented.

Sunnier times are ahead with greater certainty, ensuring you are no longer counting the cost of advertising.
Sunnier times are ahead with greater certainty, ensuring you are no longer counting the cost of advertising.

Assisting the lack of certainty though and aiding the economy to bely the currency decline was the reduction in interest rates.

With a more pro spend, save averse economy implemented, the UK in the short-term at least could begin counting on improved business performance.

Having achieved relative success and house prices remaining strong in spite of this, the economy is now more robust to any prolonged period of consumer spending reduction.

Inherent of stronger economic stability and currency growth will be increasing interest rates, supporting a financial shift over the coming months.

In the short term though, wholesale costs for your business when purchasing from abroad will be decreased, ensuring your business at a national level will be secured.

Furthermore, while the incentive remains to spend as appose to counting on saving, the need to stimulate and engage your potential consumers is imperative.

TV advertising continues to maintain its strength as the most effective means of reaching mass market audiences, as well as more targeted ones.

Moreover the fact that 76% of all viewed media throughout the day is on TV underlines the strength it has in enchanting, in turn with creating the affirmation necessary to deliver long term success.

Given the growing possibility profits for a raft of businesses; airlines, retailers and wholesales to name a few may be safeguarded again in this regard.

Accounting for this, consumers can now enjoy further pricing incentives, or freezes depending on your company direction where facilities, resources or marketing may be sought to be invested in.

As your potential consumers desist in counting the cost on spending on your services, the premise is facilitated further for your company to invest in commercials that can forge a brand identity cemented in your audience’s minds’.

Brand driven and direct response advertising have merged into the same entity almost in recent years, with the growing ability production companies and buyers have to improve your KPI achievement post advert.

Your business can now begin counting on TV to deliver measurability and accountability to ad spend, without losing the mass awareness appeal.

Given the enduring ability for ads to deliver profit on average almost twice that of your investment in TV, the cost effectiveness is incontrovertible.

The power of TV is continuing to be unassailable, ensuring you are counting the height of your profit, not costs.
The power of TV is continuing to be unassailable, ensuring you are counting the height of your profit, not costs.

Cookies have provided businesses with the immeasurably potent weapon of leveraging further success and touting fresh clientele through online.

With the ability to target specific individuals who may be interested in your product is appealing and effective, but the initial contact is more often than not, an untrusted first meeting.

TV ads will deliver your business from counting the continued cost of advertising online as a stand alone enterprise.

Commercials on TV or its non-linear forms using on-demand for instance deliver trust from consumers 20 per cent more than online.

Furthermore these ads are continually hailed by consumers as being more entertaining, aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

Therefore to optimise your advertising campaigns, improve in your marketing accountability and KPI achievement, allying online to a clear, coherent and unambiguous TV campaign, has and continues to deliver success to businesses.

Space City underpins the ethos of cost-cutting and saving money for their clients; all equipment, facilities and staff are kept in-house, ensuring your company has absolute control and autonomy of the work undertaken.

Contact the team now and see how you can begin to forget counting the cost of marketing, maximising a currency back on the up.

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