Creating successful adverts: how to do it

26th April 2018

Creating the best adverts to compliment your TV, online and print outputs has to be done through consistency, but what makes a great advert in the digital age?

CREATING Adverts that have ubiquitous appeal is possible, but there needs to be a consideration of consistency and user experience.

Although TV advertising and its digitally-driven derivatives remain the most lucrative means of stimulating short and long-term sales increases, being able to exploit your other out and inbound marketing channels successfully is key.

In order for this to be possible, an overall consideration to the consumer journey; navigation for instance and contextual perception is key as you attempt to usurp the competition.

It is proven that having TV as the catalyst and overall spearhead of any advertising campaign provides unrivalled benefits to ROI and advertising revenue.

This in itself will represent the pinnacle of your video quality – unless you utilise cinema – ensuring that this can be the benchmark; point of reference that can underscore the rest of your advertising portfolio.

Regardless of your business sector of desire for direct or brand response, TV will represent the context and emotive integrity of your brand.

Online is dictated by impulse and convenience, while TV remains a source of emotive influence; with online, your level of influence is inherently thwarted by the gratification sought by the consumer.

Baker Ross Advertising Creative
Creating adverts that appease the consumer is vital if you are to harness data and increased ROI.

In the instance, attempting to emotively influence consumers online or elsewhere can be difficult, but through replicating the creative cues that incited the emotional rapport elicited through TV, you can ensure that the connotations associated with your business are positive.

To achieve this universal consistency your business needs to ensure even the colours are exactly replicated from your TV or on-demand content.

Grading is pivotal in this context. Digressing briefly from topic, you need not worry about a shoot that may have gone awry for whatever reason.

Through colour manipulation you can achieve your desired context in the post-production process – in a similar fashion to when you would utilise Photoshop to optimise images for your online or print marketing.

In this case you can colour match and ensure that all your communications are identical and delivered in the same context regardless of the initial visual quality of your video or images.

Having the shots that create the same emotions omni-platform will be imperative as you seek to extract the same emotive response and affirmation with your business.

In the sense, you will be able to influence and dictate the narrative, ensuring that you will be harness interest and turn it into demand and sales.

Expediting this sense of community can be done through owning the emotive terms that consumers will associate with your business.

This is where the consistency can permeate throughout your brand and ensure associations can be made and affirmation forged.

Without the prior knowledge or awareness of your brand vision, product or values, perception can be influenced more by the intrusion found online.

Content of course is of ongoing concern, notwithstanding the threat of fraud and lack of trust in many sources due to the lack of action against fake news.

The trust inhabited by TV ensures you can create ads that carry inherent credibility – this can ensure you circumvent any subconscious prejudice a consumer may have surrounding interaction.

Creating a successful advertising campaign goes well beyond the initial advertisement; you have ensure your website is optimised, user friendly and concise to deliver for you.

Patience is not a commodity in copious supply online, with consumers looking to satisfy their transient desires and needs.

You can of course utilise online only and attempt to take advantage of search terms used to target individuals; you do not know the context of this search though.

Sunset after TV advertising production shoot.
Creating good advertising is just as much about controlling the narrative as it is about inducing sales.

That is why you need to ensure your company name is inculcated into the consumer through advertising means like TV or VOD, to ensure you are always dictating the narrative.

Optimising your website should be done to minimise load times and utilise the keywords you dictated in your website and your rivals’ websites.

As you look to also maximise your reach to those who have yet to see your ad, creating targeting metrics that can also drive-traffic to your site will boost short and long-term sales.

While just simple retargeting can be popular and lucrative means of snaring short-term sales, if it is underscored by the emotions that appease consumers, you can create the optimal connotations that can mobilise success.

With shorter load times through utilising smaller video files online; images that are taken directly from those shoots, you can instil the consistency that is vital for fostering the long-term resonance that leads to prolonged sales, ROI and profitability.

Of course the ads themselves need to initially reflect the content or programming they need to be associated with, so testing success is pivotal in this context too.

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