Customer journey: the lucrative timeline

5th September 2017

With autonomy fast becoming a ubiquitous force within advertising, preparing for it is crucial as you build your evolving customer profile

CUSTOMER Journeys are rapidly becoming more intuitive and the punishments for not being so are increasingly severe: timing is crucial though.

Amid the liquidation of numerous well funded start-ups during 2017 alone, the exposure and purpose of the brand needs to be clearly and unambiguously conveyed.

With the clamour for data and accurate CRMs, sales info is of course the ultimately conversion that ensures you can optimise your future targeting.

Moreover given the abilities associated with the power of search to ascertain how and when your customer base searches for information, your business is well placed in a sense of who to target with response and branded campaigns, but the timing of how you orchestrate the customer journey is more open to conjecture.

Whether you look to raise awareness, harness research data to pinpoint campaigns in a more targeted fashion, or look at forms of targeting, the catalyst has to provide an incentive or emotive stimulus in order for the journey to burgeon.

Therefore awareness has to be generated generically to ensure that you are utilising the appropriate channels for both response campaigns, notwithstanding having the ability to augment both your advertising creatives to audience segments that are appropriate and complimentary.

Although imperative for businesses of all sizes and periods of existence, for new companies  it is crucial from a cost and exposure prospective that your brand is advertised utilising TV, or at least VOD.

Through the addressable qualities of TV now you can organically and systematically target those who may be interested in product or service in transience; secure them and ensure that they are not targeted in the same means again after the customer journey has begun.

The benefits in this sense to utilising targeted, branded advertising is you can remove those who have been stimulated from your ads and focus on those who either yet to respond, or have aligned with your KPI designation and need targeting.

Your customer base can be continually tweaked organically, ensuring that you avoid budget wastage.
Your customer base can be continually tweaked organically, ensuring that you avoid budget wastage.

This overall prerogative ensures that budget waste is organically removed, but from a brand perspective it is crucial that the versions of your ads reflect different context for differing individuals.

Although generic brand commercials in the long-term provide the most payback and efficiency, especially when sponsoring programming that reflects the brand, your impressions could be saved for ulterior targeting further on the journey.

While emotive resonance is struck through TV brand and response campaigns, as you look to further engagement and awareness on your other marketing channels: social media, mobile videos, display or other online video, ensuring that a more informative, engagement centric stance is implemented will foster knowledge of your consumer desires.

As a result you can then ameliorate your TV advertising to begin the journey cycle once more for new and returning consumers, through advertising that reflects the desires your customer base at that time.

With call-to-actions that foster a consistent and lucrative consumer experience, one that is intuitive to their desires and facilitates receptiveness, your business can enjoy the data-driven, analytical autonomy with a reflective structure.

Thus when you are looking to refresh your advertising output, ensure that a clear brand identity is established across all of your marketing channels.

In order to avoid any future expense regarding edited versions of your advertising to suit a other platforms, producing mobile, tablet or even watch friendly TV content can ensure of cost-savings and brand memorability.

Even if you are a more established company, or an erstwhile SME, as you look to establish a generic marketing timeline for each and every consumer, the journey should begin with branded TV, before subsequently harnessing mobile advertising to assist with research and then establish DRTV campaigns and corresponding social and online campaigns.

Regardless of your customer base or business size, branded TV advertising should be the start of any ad journey.
Regardless of your customer base or business size, branded TV advertising should be the start of any ad journey.

As you form the rapport with your consumers through the courtship of TV – the more chivalrous side of your advertising – the credence of it can be established through unfettered or un-gated content, as well as gated material and social media.

Through your social media output you can harvest those consumers who have engaged with your brand to foster further awareness and CRM extension.

With your gated and un-gated content you can utilise the credibility established through TV to improve the standing of your website and your ability to accrue increased data online.

Un-gated material, whether it be in the form of an article, blog, infographic or piece of visual media for instance is available universally and not blocked in any way.

By using these elements to further enchant your consumers with material you know they are receptive too through the power of search and mobile research findings, you can add the incentive vital to encouraging your consumers to engage with gated content.

Once done so you can ensure more information regarding your consumer base, maximising your own CRM, ensuring you can exploit any data harnessed to have your own encrypted data source, for instance through Blockchain technology.

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