Digital needs TV to succeed

15th December 2016

DIGITAL Has seen remarkable rises in consumption, output and success, but it is the traditional tools like TV that need to underpin any successful campaign.

The ability for brands to specifically target audiences (devices) and ascertain how those individuals interact with those ads, has lead to an irresistible combination that has seen certain brands migrate to online, or at least spread their dependability on just the single entity.

With the seeming ability to target more personalised devices, thus evoke relevance to the individual targeted, advertising is more effective.

However as a key performance indicator, just views of online video ads or impressions, is not at all valuable.

You have no knowledge of whether the person viewing has ingested the entire ad, what they have viewed, or whether their attention has been fully engaged with the ad itself.

Digital is not a reliable source of conversion data.
Digital is not a reliable source of conversion data.

In addition given the fact that multiple individuals use the devices it is unreliable to judge impressions themselves, or even click throughs as reliable KPI metrics.

The instigator of relevant online impressions, website views and ultimately conversions is hinged on the brand message delivered through the initial TV commercial.

Online is an extremely effective tool at understanding the ways in which your potential audience search for services, or similar rival products at least.

Semantics as a result of the emergence of digital should be the cornerstone of any preliminary plan of a new campaign.

If you are to understand your audiences search habits, the language that resonates with them and their behaviour, simply knowing what your audience does online is not enough to create an effective campaign: there must be an understanding for online impressions, click-throughs through an ad to be a viable KPI.

With that understanding your TV commercial can be moulded to suit those linguistic, contextual and demographical requirements that form the foundations to a successful campaign.

Regardless of whether you are producing a direct or brand response campaign this knowledge of digital behaviour is vital.

Within direct response campaigns for instance, installing a call-to-action where you can actively associate it as a KPI is integral in order to marry digital and TV successfully.

Such an action could take the form of an online code that could be triggered by the consumer as a result of engaging with the TV ad, therefore use of such a code is an organic KPI that can measure success.

Therefore the success of such a technique to measure ad performance can be subjectively analysed and left untampered with.

As a result you can accurately measure the success of your TV commercial and improve the impressions on your website at the same time.

In order to reach relevant visitors who want or need to visit your website, there is no more efficient source of appealing to them.

A strong call-to-action with an incentivised code is crucial to digital success.
A strong call-to-action with an incentivised code is crucial to digital success.

With digital you do not have a intrinsic method of knowing the mood of your potential customers; on TV you can actively mould the context of your ad to mirror that of the program and its tone, ensuring the correct contextual message is portrayed.

Therefore any prefix to a successful online campaign has to be a well researched and delivered direct or brand response TV commercial.

Overall both your brand message on TV and your resulting digital material has to mirror and link, in the same regard as you would plan your online campaigning through usability.

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