Direct response ads win at Christmas

1st December 2016

DIRECT Response advertising is something that is forever effective at eliciting sales from consumers especially around celebrations such as Christmas.

Emotive advertising when delivered in the correct context is correctly seen as the greatest brand affirming mechanism, for the purpose of temporal success though, direct response when seizing upon popular events will deliver results.

Space City has released the forthcoming Christmas campaign for Snapajack, a company offering products which embody the cultural significance of the time posted: greetings gifts.

Having products that encompass these values entirely can lead to inviting direct response ideas: from focusing on the emotion of the occasion, to the expectation that spending needs to occur during this period.

Direct response will only work with contextually appropriate products.
Direct response will only work with contextually appropriate products.

Having a strong call-to-action in the case of the Snapajack commercial ensures, not only the cognitive responses associated with semantic driven advertising, but emotional ones too, that can also induce emotive responses more inclined to brand response advertising.

70 per cent of consumers are more likely to buy your product if it forms an emotional connection with them during the commercial itself.

If your brand is associated with such positive connotations of the season it is broadcast, your product will resonate with consumers contextually, forming a lasting rapport yet with the instant results delivery of direct response.

A clear call-to-action coupled with the contextual awareness will ensure the steadfast selling platform that has delivered results in perpetuity.

Brands who have utilised the Christmas commercial slot, forging an affirming contextual bond with their consumers, ensures that your company will witness returns on your advertisement at least six times over, with John Lewis regularly witnessing returns of more than seven times their commercial spend.

In addition as a result of a contextual call-to-action inducing, direct response commercial, businesses have regularly seen profit maintained throughout the following year.

Direct response will elicit more profit throughout the year when used at Christmas.
Direct response will elicit more profit throughout the year when used at Christmas.

However with the ability to manipulate and tailor your commercials, not just to a particular event, but demographics and socio economic groups within that, the capacity for success and profit margin growth as a result are increasingly profound.

Addressable advertising ensures that you can direct your commercial towards your desired groups, as a result of reviewing granular data which is imperative to ascertain how and when people interact with programming associated with your brand.

In addition the introduction of interactive advertising ensures that an additional metric will now be in place, to not only eliminate irrelevant viewers and figures who are watching your ad, but also the ensures you can adjust your budgets accordingly depending on the exact amount of people engaging with your ad directly.

Therefore to engage, enchant and create short, medium and long term rapport with your brand, the importance of the direct response Christmas commercial cannot be underestimated or dismissed.

Watch our new Snapajack direct response, Christmas advert now. 

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