Dream advertising: a panacea for all

13th October 2017

With online advertising continually being criticised amid mass failings, TV advertising would appear to be a step back: fear not, dream big with TV and online

DREAM Advertising is an often utopian ideal that is inherently flawed amidst either opacity or a lack of accountability: the panacea is nearing.

Although predominantly in their nascent forms, if your business is looking to relaunch its branded advertising or shift in tact, preparations should be made to deliver collective advertising that embodies all conceivable consumer engagement channels.

While your business may have a presence omni-platform, it is not cohesively linked through your consumer base and advertising tact.

Running concurrent campaigns across various platforms has been almost impossible to do without exact knowledge of where your TV or VOD advertising is being broadcast, however innovations from both Adobe, VideoAmp and collective broadcasters themselves ensure your business will soon be able to launch intrinsically linked campaigns.

The dream being realised ultimately falls into the hands of those developing the software, notwithstanding the collective willingness to collaborate and share data sources.

However with a vessel at the very least to channel your data; harness it and deploy it, your business can ensure of a degree of autonomy as you advertise.

With the knowledge of who may not be as receptive to your advertising as other consumers  through linear TV alone, your business will have the capability to mould your own evolving consumer segments to compliment certain campaigns, ensuring you do not waste valuable advertising budget.

The software being developed has not been officially named, but will be an attribution model like no other related to TV.

Through the ability to analyse receptiveness and how and when consumers engage, your business will have the opportunity to maximise other separate means of harvesting and appraising data: Blockchain.

Although used for myriad purposes within and outside the advertising spectrum, having your own appraised pools of data to deploy within adverts in realtime is tangible.

With server-side ad insertion, your business can ensure ads are only displayed to the consumers of your choosing when they are viewing material relevant to your business – maximising response rates and eliminating wasteful targeting or display ads.

Create dream advertising that delivers realtime insertion through convenience; complimenting your consumer.
Create dream advertising that delivers realtime insertion through convenience; complimenting your consumer.

What is out of your control though currently is the optimisation of online through opaque targeting.

Amid the pertinacious obduracy of companies like Facebook in disclosing their data sources, suspicions will continue to be bred by the lack of clarity in display, especially when there is no guarantee of real people behind the spend.

Although accountability can be made in terms of the performance of differing advertising creatives, the actionability is limited due to the lack of specific knowledge of set consumers.

Additionally though, even with the ever improving accountability sphere within TV and online, thanks to the awareness TV generates for it, notwithstanding the importance of SEO in optimising your entire output, dream advertising as it were cannot be achieved unless the process of tackling deceptive advertising is taken.

While the perennial leveraging force championing TV as the advertising fulcrum, online entities need to heed the successful implementation of advertising appraisal derived from TV.

A level of clearance must be obtained before any advertising creative can be broadcast on TV, however this is not present online, leading to the narrative of fake news being spawned.

The lack of accountability is of course a primary concern, with trust being haemorrhaged with every misleading or deceptive ad disseminated online, but this should not be the end of your display ads.

In order to construct and mould the consumer journey in a complimentary a fashion as possible, the courting process needs to be established; from TV to purchase.

Once enchanted by your TV advertising, and if you have utilised the more autonomous, collective consumer data pools, you can target them systematically in the knowledge that they have actually viewed your campaign, not through annoyance or disruption.

With more relevant, complimentary advertising, the focus of your work can be shifted more to your creatives themselves, ensuring that genuine sales progress can be made beyond just transient results.

Sales are ultimately generated through rapport; you will not gain rapport through promotions alone. Choose filmed ads to live the dream.
Sales are ultimately generated through rapport; you will not gain rapport through promotions alone. Choose filmed ads to live the dream.

Besides opacity online and targeting on TV, actual advertising direction has led to a vicious cycle of inefficiency, despite ironically having increased means of detecting and addressing advertising inefficiency.

Programmatic means of advertising ensures that regardless of your company size you can lower advertising costs and improve accountability on both TV and online contemporarily, but targeting online needs to embody increased ethical consideration; for both commercial and societal reasons.

A successful advert and by extension, company, are underpinned by inclusivity.

Through the fostering of creative directions on both TV and online that look at evolving opinions, your business will not exceed transient success.

In terms of both scale and reach online, with targeting that just appeals to current sentiments you will not broaden your scale, nor improve retention – thought provocation is vital in order to index your brand in the mind of consumers.

Ads that feature live-action-shoots and ally them to consumer experiences are three-and-a-half-times as effective as ads that are price or offer lead.

Leading with price as appose to product ensures that you will continue to limit your ROI and retention, with progression only elicited through emotive response.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for 25 years, delivering ads in all formats to have the knowledge that ensures every business is guided down the most relevant path to them.

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