Easy advertising: When is the right time?

7th March 2017

EASY Advertising is somewhat of an oxymoron at a time where the diversification and digitalisation of how we advertise has consumed the entire creative.

Context and perception has been perpetually crucial to succeeding with your advertising, whether response or brand based.

However amid a time where the control of who consumes your ads and when, the timing of advertising has become more automated and to an extent easier.

The imperative focus is to collate or collaborate with broadcasters and media buyers who have the inventory necessary to execute a digital campaign.

By targeting specific individuals and not particular blocks of time, you can systematically control who views your ads, ensuring that you maximise ad efficiency and ROI.

Although the adversities of this technique include a limit on scale, which is consistently increased with TV, you can utilise the other means that have made TV the staple it is in terms of leading advertising effectiveness.

Therefore to make your advertising easy to a relative degree, ensuring that you have either a large inventory that can segment your campaigns appropriately, or you produce aspirational brand based content.

This derivative of advertising can succeed all-year-round, while DRTV has to be modular or temporal in its integration.

Brand response can lead to advertising being an easy experience in the long-term.
Brand response can lead to advertising being an easy experience in the long-term.

While DRTV is the most successful form of advertising in-terms of delivering the lowest cost-per-response, it is not as efficient as brand response advertising.

If delivered utilising the metrics that can distinguish your business from other brands: music, emotion, humour and entertainment you can create a campaign that becomes embedded in long-term memory.

To make your lives easy at a creative and analytic level, utilising brand response will, regardless of whether you use targeted advertising or traditional TV, deliver campaigns that can offer prolonged attribution and sharing potential.

By incorporating dynamics to your ad that lend themselves to future dissemination across online and social media, you will increase longevity and support your measurability.

Therefore in this instance the key is to ensure the context and the particular channels your ad will be aired on are complementary to your brand.

If you are trying to generate a fun, frivolous image, broadcasting near the end of month and within documentary for example relating to serious crime would resonate perversely.

Therefore if you choose to advertise on TV alongside the growing plethora of businesses who are utilising interactive or addressable advertising, the need to block certain programmes or genre of shows is integral.

Moreover by advertising using this fashion, the need to have analytics that can attribute any sales success to the advert is vital.

Software in various guises exists that can measure your website traffic and look at who accessed it and when, however realtime, actionable data has alluded TV advertising thus far.

By utilising the services of media buyers, whom many have parent services that can provide this analysis, you can upscale your business quickly and in a relatively easy fashion with TV.

Automation has made it easier for businesses to track the results of their advertising, however this in itself has been counter-productive for companies looking for prolonged business success.

With the tools available to measure how your consumers interact with your ads, you cannot use that to address why those who engage with your content did so.

Therefore it is the interpretation of ‘easy-life’ advertising your business seeks, to conclude a direct answer.

If you seek to implement a long-term platform of understanding to create an intuitive base for your consumers, utilising branded content will yield an exploitation of the largest pool: online.

Only 13% of all video is online original, yet it carries the majority of advertising market share.

Thus to ensure you market your product or service at the right time, a long-term approach should be taken to establish an easier marketing platform to appraise and measure.

Should you produce different versions of a similar piece of content, before proceeding to use DRTV as you refresh your offers and promotions.

In this way you can deliver campaigns that carry 140% profit increases over a three-year period.

By focusing your brand around times where consumers can be emotionally engaged, for instance Christmas, you can deliver the long-term stimuli that have propelled retailers to year-round success.

Space City has produced DRTV and brand response adverts for TV and online for 25 years, ensuring the stress is taken out of advertising due to their anonymous approach.

Contact the team now and ensure you have the creative that will deliver up to 600% ROI and ensure your KPI achievement is consistent and prolonged.



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