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11th May 2017

BRANDED Ads have embodied the tact delivered by myriad businesses and advertising agencies in recent times, using them in the right context though is vital.

Statistics whether distorted or not toward the advertising medium or KPI in question, continue to peddle the notion that focusing on your brand as appose to selling individual products traditionally is a more prudent tact.

It is true, brand focused ads enjoy unrivalled efficiency and ROI compared to response driven campaigns, but only in a long-term context.

Across a period of three-years a branded content advertising campaigns will yield profit increases of 140%.

Impressive even when factoring in investment, inflation, capital gains tax and other ancillary factors, however this is certainly not a plateaued figure, on the contrary efficiency and long-term success can be boosted in turn with short-term success further.

What needs to change is the context of your creative.

The swelling of the online advertising market has led to many business either severing their ties with TV completely or marginally in order to jump on the bandwagon of investment, as appose to actual commercial success.

TV throughout this period of advertising revolution has enjoyed stability and even marginal gains in its overall investment, despite the flaws in what certain linear campaigns fail to deliver.

As mentioned in previous posts on this blog, measurability, attribution and the granular data provided by online has enabled businesses to circumvent some of the inherent inhibitions of TV, while saving on overall costs.

Branded adverts online fail to enjoy the effectiveness, efficiency and reach of TV.
Branded adverts online fail to enjoy the effectiveness, efficiency and reach of TV.

However cost alone and attribution should not deter your business from the ultimate success of TV and its ability- when used contextually- to provide the brand affirmation and social change that ensures you can grow beyond the relative tethers of online.

Although start-up costs as it were can be exorbitant to some and the process to clear content for broadcast is naturally time consuming, the increasingly digitalised spectrum of advertising ensures that the opportunities have been facilitated, especially with branded ads to improve automation, data accruing and attribution.

Increases in the consumption of interactive ads, driven by broadcasters like Sky and their AdSmart software, notwithstanding addressable and programmatic advertising ensures that their is increased transparency with interactive.

Moreover this ensures that the control is firmly placed once more in your businesses hands as to your advertising spend, while your consumer once more dictates their own ad consumption, improving resonation and inventory harvesting.

Being mindful of this then, it is essentially a waste of productivity and inhibiting of optimum ROI not to utilise the power of branding and DRTV to a lesser degree in a wholesome fashion.

Thus to experience the power from a sales garnering and PR perspective, of empowering your consumers through advertising an approach which is aspirational is imperative.

Creating divisions is ultimately what is stifling advertising’s progress as a collective, in order to reach new audiences and appease others, championing issues, demographics or overall social and cultural movements that are maligned will serve to mobilise your business.

Of course the tact chosen to execute this has been indifferent to say the least, given Pepsi’s disastrous attempt to conciliate the Black Lives Matter movement to wider society and vice versa.

What ultimately consigned this particular movement to failure was the trivialising of such a socially divisive matter.

The branded message was such that a Pepsi drinker could solve such a contentious and emotive issue.

The context though was a conformist one, something that ultimately left the perception of the brand as a controlling one, whereas the tact should have embodied that of delivering the prerogative of the cause they were attempting to champion.

To empower individuals within the movement the Pepsi drinker should have accompanied or have been a part of the movement, with the product in itself priviliged to be apart of it.

In order to maximise the benefits of TV, your branded message has to be humble one, placing itself within the message conveyed.
In order to maximise the benefits of TV, your branded message has to be humble one, placing itself within the message conveyed to resonate with consumers.

Therefore ensuring the authority in the ad is the issue itself, not the product or overall brand ethos you are seeking to portray.

Ads that utilise this trait successfully by simply allying their business to issues, stigmas or any contentious subject will ultimately deliver business improvements of 70% compared to those who do not.

Consequently as well increasing your market share within those demographics you have targeted, you have not alienated any previous or future audiences who could ultimately be garnered through TV’s unrivalled multiplier effect.

TV ads provide word-of-mouth multiplying in 57% of cases, while online does in as little as 12%, cementing TV’s position as the most efficient and successful form of advertising and growing your brand.

Expanding your reach for instance cannot be achieved without a complimentary, tactful campaign that empowers the demographic you are seeking to enchant.

Ultimately self-deprecation and humility will serve your brand as it seeks to expand as a more versatile business entity, a means used here at Space City to ensure brands can achieve maximum reach and sales potential.

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