How To Succeed In TV Advertising – 5 Top Tips

6th December 2016

FIVE Ways to make your next advertising campaign successful: easy right?

Generally speaking yes it is, but given the breadth of advertising mediums and the objectivisation of the industry and how consumers interact with it, universal techniques to successful campaigns are becoming fewer and further between.

First of all know your audience and how and when to reach out to them: addressing your desired target market for instance when your brand is centred around life insurance, might not be prudent when you are advertising during a TV programme which focuses on people living longer.

Therefore to understand both the audience you are appealing to as well as the context the ad is to be delivered in is imperative.

By utilising innovative technologies such as Adsmart, interactive adverts and addressable advertising, you can deliver campaigns which are based on the results of your analysing metrics, intuitive to TV directly.

Secondly knowing what kind of ad is most appropriate to the product or service you are offering, if you are supplier of pharmaceuticals and looking to forge long-term partnerships with your clients, a direct response ad would elicit that instant response but would not creating lasting rapport with your desired clientele.

Therefore to gauge what you want from the campaign is as imperative as extolling the virtues of the product itself.

Consulting with Space City prior to deciding on your final ad campaign would be immeasurably beneficial, with the 25 years worth of TV experience spring boarding myriad companies into the mainstream at the correct times.

Another hugely underestimated factor would be for your company to focus on the context of your campaign.

Delivering a clear, subjective tone which can be universally understood and mitigate any ulterior meaning will ensure that all of those who will be viewing the ad are on your wavelength.

Should confusion ensue, your commercial gains will be negated from the intended message of the ad, rendering valuable time and investment worthless.

The power of semantic advertising, focusing on language that is connected to that of your target audience will ensure a rapport base vital for brand response advertising.

A fourth general mechanism of mastering your ad would be to focus on a degree of audience resonation.

The power of escapism has been stark with Christmas and brand response campaigns, although brands, charities and services have struggled to evoke success from relatable scenarios at similar times.

Therefore to deploy traits of such escapism or at least a possible reality is imperative, in a viewing market where many have become resentful of hard-hitting, adverse, direct response campaigns.

Although this should be tempered with the realism that can foster trust in your brand, without it the continuing mistrust of commercials will continue to spread.

Offering viewers that real world experience is crucial to your five steps and Space City.
Offering viewers that real world experience is crucial to your five steps and Space City.

To complete our five steps, the technique that is often the most difficult: to be creative with your campaign, or at least regurgitate an existing idea and perfect it.

Utilising a fresh idea, regardless of whether your campaign is going to be direct response or brand response, is vital to establishing a connection with your audience.

By opening up your campaign message to Space City, you have the ability to take an initial thought and allow its potential to flourish using the correct call-to-action, context and delivery.

It is ultimately risk centric, but if you research prudently and follow those five guidelines, allied to more specific traits of your chosen entity and you will be successful with Space City and TV.




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