Flexible advertising crucial to success

22nd August 2017

With increasingly transient financial times, where trends come and go, the common denominator of failure is those who are not flexible enough to go nouveaux

FLEXIBLE Advertising tacts have become increasingly pivotal to appealing to vastly juxtaposing audiences: without them you will lose money.

Historically and contemporarily businesses have used shorter, longer and adaptable versions of similar ads to appeal to audiences within different states of mind, with the additional necessity to accommodate online.

Although using such versions to ascertain success in the short and long-term ultimately delivers substantial conclusions, the speed and depth of those conclusions is ultimately as transient as the success of the ad themselves.

What perhaps could not strike resonance on a particular channel of advertising one week, may find that circumstance or timing may elicit improved response – all that needs to be applied is more science and absolute metanarratives.

Through the implementation of scientific metrics of advertising, display, measurement, analysis and CRM harvesting, your business can ensure that it is permanent flexible and mobilised towards complimentary advertising that boosts efficiency.

As a result of the programmatic advances within online and on TV, the capacity for more objective and transparent analysis ensures that unless certain KPIs – as designated by you – are met, certain creatives will cease to operate, saving your business money.

Notwithstanding the savings made by taking a more manoeuvrable tact towards advertising, the information extracted ensures you can systematically pin-point which ad styles can induce the consumer into receptiveness.

Although hardly nouveaux in itself, the need to evolve from existing practise where you ascertain the creatives that deliver from those that do not, to a tact that embodies critical thought, analysis and more objectivity in how transient and long-term goals are realised is manifest.

As a part of a flexible advertising tact, ensuring that display is varied and
As a part of a flexible advertising tact, ensuring that display is varied and success analysed is crucial

Response advertising has perpetually comprised of short-term efficiency, but little in the way of assuring of brand resonation, however this can be enhanced through orthodox averse minds.

Through drawing finite conclusions to singular campaigns – for instance if one consumer segment responded to one campaign, but not to another – and assume that will be the perpetual outcome, your advertising efficiency from a brand and response perspective will fall.

In order to prepare the most efficient campaigns for both brand and response campaigns, while having the ability to harvest and analyse the data necessary to automate both TV and online effectively, keeping abreast of how consumers interact with search through your website and trends is key.

Thus it is not the trends themselves that should dictate how you try and conciliate your consumers, but why they have been instigated; to induce which emotions?

Emotion and evoking sub-contious experiences while being delivered advertising is imperative to memorability and long-term sales potential, being flexible enough in your marketing strategy is vital for maintaining a critical, analytical tact bereft of complacency.

Ultimately this is one of many ancillary necessities that form that overall collective working efficiency of your brand, without any of these factors being considered you will endure dwindling efficiency and lose natural autonomy.

Amid the eruption of Blockchain technology and the opportunity to access and add to the consistently evolving data pool available, the facility is available for your business to have permanent control of where your advertising is seen.

Although such control has existed from a platform and content perspective on TV, the work TV and online have done to provide more interactive and flexible plans for businesses like yours have ensured their is no place for opacity.

The lack of clarity from online conglomerates like Facebook and Google should be punished through your own CRM accruing.
The lack of clarity from online conglomerates like Facebook and Google should be punished through your own CRM accruing, underscoring a more controlled, flexible approach.

Facebook and Google have persisted in their obdurate behaviour regarding placement disclosure and who exactly is viewing them: there is no need to comply.

Through the ability your business has through either TV, online or VOD to test efficiency, harvest data and examine who cognitive success has been struck, their is no need to settle for advertising that conforms to prior success.

The current economic volatility is manifest proof that such transient and mobile planning is crucial to securing prosperity on a national level.

At a company level, akin to the forthcoming reaction to the news that the economy operated at a budget surplus for the first time in 15 years, you are in control of a forever evolving entity, something dictated by more than just tradition.

Ultimately your business needs media buying and ad creation tacts that can facilitate flexible working attitudes.

Through the implementation of automated traits like programmatic and creative directions that have a combination of both synced-sound and voiceovers, you can facilitate flexible and successful advertising with ease.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, utilising the power of flexible and adaptable graphics and visuals to elicit emotion.

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