Global Economy: how to advertise flexibly

1st June 2018

When global economic powers are fluctuating in strength, how can your business advertise to compliment a transient world?

GLOBAL Economic activity can affect short-term business output, but how can you ensure that your business enjoys a constant advertising income?

Advertising production is, relatively speaking, a nominal cost compared to the gargantuan amounts spent on media spots and other digitally-driven campaigns.

How to mitigate against global economic changes in your ads

The difficulty during the process of creating your TV, online or radio adverts is ensuring that the versions of your commercial are versatile, emotively-driven and not lifestyle-orientated; you need to facilitate ad placement that compliments transient desires.

By moulding an advert to compliment a consumer segment that may only have an interest in your product of services for a brief period of time, you will endure reductions in your ROI and ad memorability.

The need for mass-awareness, communication-intense advertising could not be more necessary in times of recessive economic strife, however even in moments of uncertainty, the leverage notable, memorable brands have is magnetic compared with the direct response ads, which you think would be prudent to deploy when looking to elicit instant uplifts.

What is necessary, though, is the ability for your ads to embody memorability and create the emotive connotations that will nurture consumer loyalty – protecting and nurturing your brand for more buoyant times.

While the threat of short-term sales declinations remain large, the imperative needs to be to have adaptability in your overall creatives.

TV Advertising Production for Wowcher from Space City
Focusing on communicating through voice overs, rather than sync-sound will help you advertise with versatility for a global consumer base.

As appose to creating adverts that have sync-sound and spoken dialogue that refer to particular transient offers, it would be more prudent to showcase your brand and products – conciliating consumers too your business, while also facilitating the ability for you to amend offers, legal text and call-to-action mechanisms.

This consistency will also assist your inbound marketing teams; if your TV or online advertising production features a consistent group of artists, settings or contextual references, you can replicate these emotions, design features, branding cues and messaging within your website and other forms of marketing.

Having consistent brand figureheads is crucial to long-term awareness, sales success and advertising ROI.

Why these changes are important to your advertising production

Creating new adverts, or fashioning promotions every time there is a change in the global economic sphere would be ruinous and not cost-effective, but ensuring you keep a basic suite of creatives and adapt the voice-overs; visual prompts for instance, you will enjoy a more cost-effective advertising output, while your consumers will also be more receptive to your business on other platforms.

Trust and search rankings are key; taking a comprehensive approach to your outbound marketing success will ensure that your business is equipped to rank highly at all times – not just in transient periods of time when the global economy is shifting.

By building your creative around these regular global changes that are often based on the whims of fiscal market leaders, politicians and stock brokers, the need to have autonomy to propel your business to new heights is key.

Through dictating the narrative of your business; its ideals and virtues, you can control the emotive associations consumers have with your business – not merely the price-led associations of a temporary promotion.

This is the ultimate issue with online: businesses clambering over one another to offer the most cost-effective solution to a consumers immediate desires.

Not being permanent, though, the PPC spend will allow your business to enjoy renewed data streams, but your overall SEO prowess and brand resonance omni-platform will be judged by the experience with the product, staff and brand: without any knowledge of it, you will not leverage future brand advocates.

Space City Low Cost Production for Titan Travel
Regardless of any national or global issues, your advertising needs to immerse consumers in your brand.

Therefore, as you produce inbound marketing material to compliment your TV, online or radio advertising production, your business and its organic ranking success is fostered on consistency, actual relevance to your business and its familiarity with your mass-awareness advertising campaigns.

The flexibility should be sought from having dialogue that is VO focused, with periods of time that are without visual distraction, to allow your consumers to focus unequivocally on the element you want them to engrain on their minds.

If you have promotional text, someone addressing the camera and a product or service being exhibited, your consumers will invariably finish watching the advert with unanswered questions; something you do not need when looking to maximise direct response.

Targeting consumers cross-platform, too is something that will be necessary in offering consumers the gratification they desire on the media device they are using.

In order to target consumers, while getting the data needed to actually measure performance, you will need to use an analytics interface that distinguishes between the platforms yours ads are viewed on.

With this done, your business can begin to provide brand response adverts that do not need wholesale changes, but minimal changes and investment.

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