Great British Bake Off for advertising

30th August 2017

The Great British Bake Off has reinvigorated an apparently ailing and broken linear TV sector, the key as always has been the content

GREAT British Bake Off pandemonium is gripping TV screens across the UK, with TV advertisers flocking to the popular shores: content is key.

With the migration of advertising budgets in their droves to online, VOD and SVOD, linear TV has been continually maligned for its lack of measurability, accountability and popularity for the millennial age.

Of course facts point to the contrary where efficiency and success are concerned, with the impetus for advertisers moving online having been entirely counter-productive.

In order to truly address the declining consumption or desired consumption of ads – which are ultimately disruptive forces – it is the content that they are associated with that needs intention.

Attempting to maximise a means of advertising that is seemingly ailing in its bid to maintain efficiency would seem counter-intuitive at a time where SVOD and VOD are enjoying rapid increases in popularity, with consumers hankering for ad-free content.

It is not the fact they no longer accept ads as they look to consume media, some of the most inspiring, emotive and compelling programming is no longer being commissioned via TV broadcasters unwilling to support fresh content.

The paradox for broadcasters is though, that without such programming leveraging a shift towards risk and expenditure, the advertising revenue they seek will continue to dwindle; in upfront particularly.

Therefore in order for broadcasters to create and reignite the competition that has flourished in recent years between themselves, a collective collaboration and impetus needs to be initiated: for the sake of your business and meritocracy in the industry as a whole.

A return to great advertising times can be achieved through creative freedom and liberation from the metanarrative.
A return to great advertising times can be achieved through creative freedom and liberation from the metanarrative.

With great content you can instil the memorability that will ensure your advertising is still performing months after an initial ad may have been played out.

Through advertising that is more targeted, driven towards informing in a response context, the imperative release of dopamine from the brain to ensure of encoding will be missed.

With direct response advertising that appeals to behavioural and geographical factors you can ultimately provide the nuanced content that will deliver for your business.

At a time where linear and targeted TV can deliver in equal measure – for both direct and brand response – initiating another content war can ensure that your business and the creative industries can be great once more.

With the tendency to brand build through retargeting, social media and consistent online tone you are only inhibiting your growth as a business.

Akin to the forays within The Great British Bake Off, you are not simply trying to construct the most appeasing dish or ad for you and your existing audience base, you are seeking to appeal to as many new consumers as it is possible.

Through the upscaling capabilities of both linear and targeted TV advertising, you are perfectly equipped to both extend your presence in nascent TV iterations and existing linear entities.

The rise in online consumption has not preceded the demise of TV advertising, it has increased its versatility and accessibility to businesses previously deterred by the lack of measurability and actionability within it.

Advertising on TV has never been so great. Through the online harvesting metrics you can ensure ROI is higher than ever.
Advertising on TV has never been so great. Through the online harvesting metrics you can ensure ROI is higher than ever.

With scale, audience and display optimised within TV now, your social media and other online targeting outlets can provide the harvesting effect necessary for generating a credible, prolific CRM.

Thus with the impetus of many businesses towards view-ability and efficiency, why compromise your advertising prosperity when you have a credible, certified, lucrative and improving means of advocating your brand with TV?

Ultimately the trend has been peddled through that of an increasing duopoly driven orthodoxy, one that has stifled competition and ensured that businesses have had to endure declining ad efficiency: the return of great times is easy.

Through TV, the emergence of Blockchain technology and the increasingly global collaboration between businesses, broadcasters and data providers to share intelligence ensures the competitive marketplace can thrive once more and for your business.

The key for you as you seek to increase your awareness in comparison to a rival is to initiate an advertising plan that does not confuse your consumers.

In this sense you should seek to focus on actions that you want your consumers to imitate, unlike programming like Bake Off you have the ability to control subconscious thought, something that creates the compelling narratives that your consumers flock to in the first instance.

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