Growing your brand in 2017

3rd January 2017

Growing any company during uncertain times on the surface at least seems like a formidable task.

However opportunities can and will arise through taking advantage of the security of TV.

Throughout previous financial uncertainty, through the recessions of 1992 and 2008, companies who have spent more money on advertising have seen the greatest long-term growth.

Of course given the lack of guaranteed returns inherent with any uncertainty, maximising the nuances of any given crisis, turmoil or decline can pay enormous dividends.

For instance creating rapport and trust at a time when consumer confidence is mixed at best, will be imperative to ensuring your brand can develop organically once a degree of economic stability has been reimplemented.

Creating trust from script to screen will be vital for a growing brand in 2017.
Creating trust from script to screen will be vital for a growing brand in 2017.

In addition when attempting to generate instant sales, or deliver on your own existing KPIs, direct response is designed to elicit instant reactions through their call-to-action’s, which can aid your growing company.

Taking the current poor interest rates as an element of climate behaviour that you could seize upon in a direct response commercial, consumers will be, as long as that paradigm exists, less inclined to save their money and are more mobilised to spend.

In addition when looking to assert or reassert trust amidst times where there is a great mistrust in advertising, creating relevance through linking to cultural events, current affairs and trends is vital to ensuring your company receives conversions online after your TV ad.

By maximising hashtag campaigns, or creating your own phenomenon which Space City has specialised in recent years, you can elicit the instant direct response call-to-action, while delivering a brand identity consumers can associate you with.

Having launched the success of now household names, Moonpig and GoCompare, Space City has utilised erstwhile advertising trends to cement our client’s into popular culture as a means to grow their brand.

Growing by such means in 2017 can be easier than ever by allying Space City’s experience in such fields, to the correct broadcast context.

PR has never been more important within TV advertising given the rise in social media and the co-dependabilty of one another to succeed.

When choosing to broadcast your ad on TV, using subjective language which cannot be interpreted in other ways to your intentions is vital.

If there are any undertones to your ad or it is portrayed in the wrong context, you risk your brand being dismantled viscously on social media.

Therefore to enable your company to be a growing one in 2017 it is imperative that you converge the strengths of both TV and online.

TV as a stand alone entity is stronger than online on its own; impact is one and half times greater and sales conversions are 20% greater (2015-16 financial year).

In order to produce the most persuasive initial magnet to enchant your audience, maximising semantics will be top of your priorities in order to understand the consumers you are writing for.

Image and aesthetics can convey a message just a prudently as language can for your growing brand.
Image and aesthetics can convey a message just a prudently as language can for your growing brand.

Testement to the importance and precedence language analytics and consumer search behaviour should be, is the growth of data gathering companies such as Captify.

They harness more than 15 billion individual internet searches, collate the data and provide unprecedented levels of information that can be deployed on relating to ones audience in a more proficient manner.

Furthermore the growing turnover of native advertising optimisers such as ADYOULIKE has underlined the preference given to aesthetics and optimising the platforms your company could be utilising.

The short era of prioritising one entity over another has to finish if you want to maintain KPI success, while garnering trust amidst uncertain times.

TV has to be used to support online; the clearest, most trusted, aesthetically pleasing, well delivered ads have emanated from TV: Space City has and will deliver this for you.

Contact us now if you want to see your brand growing in spite of the ongoing uncertainty: 2017 is the year for dictating your own destiny.




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