Guerillascope: Online has enhanced TV Commercials

26th January 2017

ONLINE Advertising has reinvigorated TV as an advertising medium and not written its demise according to Guerillascope.

The media buyer, which deals with the purchase of airtime, analysis of its success and automation, has cast aside the latest hypothesis of doom for TV in advertising.

Amidst the ability to individualise advertising online, save on costs and create more granular accountability, online ad spend has increased exponentially in recent years.

However TV has also reacted to the onslaught and has enabled it to evolve for into a more consumer centric medium.

In addition the metrics that have made online so appealing; attribution being one, are increasingly being developed as a cost-effective TV solution.

Meanwhile as TV has continued to develop, the dependability that has lead to its erstwhile appeal has leant itself to continued growth with the emergence of online.

Guerillascope works with production companies like Space City to ensure they deliver success for you.
Guerillascope works with production companies like Space City to ensure they deliver success for you.

Stuart Bryan, Content Manager at Guerillascope, was bullish about the future of TV and their ability to work together, he said: “Google made a song and dance about Youtube, but TV remains the dominant medium for use.

“Research has been key for us in understanding the market and VOD (video on demand) platforms are attracting a lighter TV viewer.

“Online viewing has only enhanced TV as a medium.”

Given the continued growth of TV and support from the general public, with more consumers trusting a TV commercial over an online one, predictions of its demise have not relented.

Digital buyers have extolled the virtues of online and the ability to quantify sales and conversions to ads, being far more efficient than TV.

However Bryan added that innovations from it were beginning to dilute the appeal of using online as a stand-alone advertising entity, he declared: “Using new forms of analysis, programming, offering more granular audiences, targeting by incomes, we can offer similarly more targeted methods of advertising at Guerillascope.

“Online benefits significantly from TV exposure, brands see mass increases in visits and engagements from TV advertising; 60% of all branded search originates from TV.”

This reality has been due in some quarters to the alarm generated from the sharp rise in online.

TV has optimised its strengths and prioritised the delivery and resonation it can create with viewers.

Bryan also added that the work on the creative side has aided buyers such as Guerillascope in targeting more effectively, he continued: “Agencies and production companies are now producing high quality ads at competitive budgets, providing immersive viewing.

“The increase in quality programming has helped draw people back to TV, while the avoidance of online ads, fraud and poor measurability have enabled TV to remain in the ascendency.

“Agencies now have the capabilities to target and analyse data real-time, enabling superior measurability.”

Production companies themselves have been evolving, ensuring they can provide commercials that can work autonomously with a business’ entire marketing strategy.

The journey to a company’s wider services online and across social media begins with TV.

Guerillascope’s media expert outlined this creative work cannot be underestimated, he insisted: “Creative is key and underlines the fact that you don’t need a massive budget to experience the power of TV.

“Companies like Space City do the best job in addressing the creative, this helps the business especially when working with the buyer.”

Space City has invested heavily in its facilities and now boasts the latest 4K and DaVinci Grading software in-house, winning more commissions than any other UK production company in that time.

Production companies like Space City work with Guerillascope to deliver creative that will garner results.
Production companies like Space City work with Guerillascope to deliver creative that will garner results.

Amidst the growing accessibility that TV has, more businesses are utilising it to expose their brand.

Bryan admitted that the industry is changing, but for the better, he said: “We have noticed brands with niche products are in the ascendency when it comes to TV.

“With brand and direct response advertising moulding into the same thing, businesses feel you can advertise any product at the same time, maximising the omni-channel world.”

Furthermore the growth of addressable advertising and the ability to target niche audiences has led to relative growth in the industry, with the technology evolving into further refinement.

Guerillascope is the UK’s second largest TV advertising agency and have been the pioneers of the modern TV analytics that we know today, namely

The software innovated during their formative years has led to the company maximising its partnerships with leading TV production institution, Space City and their own DaVinci Grading and 4K software.

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