Hattons of London launch TV advert

28th September 2017

Hattons of London have launched their first foray into TV advertising, but will the eponymous coin makers be minted from TV and Space City

HATTONS Of London has launched their debut TV advertising campaign with Space City Productions.

The animated campaign showcases the commemorative quarter sovereign celebrating the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh’s platinum wedding anniversary.

Specialising in direct response TV commercials, Space City were tasked with ensuring the advert could stimulate manifold responses, vital without any long-term presence of the product.

With the need to instil memorability, yet stimulate instant response for the lowest possible sum of money, Space City decided to offer Hattons an animated voice over commercial, with no sync-sound; saving on additional filming and editing costs.

Despite having an in-house studio, the core focus of the advert was to focus on the product and deliver the showcase that is vital towards eliciting instant responses.

Therefore an animation was imperative as the UK’s number one producers of cost effective TV commercials sought to deliver value for money.

With only a voiceover needed to accompany the legal text, information, branding and coin itself, the tone of delivery was imperative.

Hattons needed to embody indexing and response stimulants in their ad and it was reflected in the execution.
Hattons needed to embody indexing and response stimulants in their ad and it was reflected in the execution.

Generating responses utilising just persuasive techniques, offers and language for instance delivers half the response that an emotive advertising campaign does, therefore adopting hitherto known storytelling techniques was vital to ensuring Hattons was best equipped to elicit instant responses.

As a result the Campaign Magazine Top 100 Agency directed the voice over artist to adjust tone, speed of delivery and manner of it in order to assist with indexing, while not inhibiting the showcase of the product.

Ads that showcase the product more than focus about on the price of it are 150% more successful (Thinkbox, 2016), thus embedding the coin as the centrepiece of the commercial was integral.

With this initiated, onus on delivery was instigated, with the voiceover emphasising all unique selling points in the tone of voice and emotion Hattons desired from consumers.

Only 7% of a sale is delivered through the words themselves, thus it was the delivery of the script that took precedence for Hattons.

Although a London business, the Hatton Garden based company will be advertising the product across the UK, in a nationwide TV campaign.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio adverts for more than 25 years, delivering sales increases of up to 600% for clients.

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