How do you maximise KPI for less?

27th April 2017

KPI achievement is an entirely objective requirement to any commercial venture, the ability to maximise it though is becoming ever easier.

In an increasingly convergence centric advertising and marketing world, where digital, TV, outdoor and print to an extent are striving to provide creative concert that entertains and harvests as high an audience level as possible, the clamour for attribution, scale and quantifiable success has driven businesses to a more digitalised mindset.

While TV throughout this process has continued to provide short and long-term sales uplifts and profit increases, with one of our clients at Space City enjoying 600% sales increases, online has thus far singularly provided the attribution and actionable data to analyse and manipulate.

Furthermore the lack of specific targeting has led to many businesses across the spectrum migrating to online, to provide the campaigns that can be driven by genuine consumer behaviours.

Although this ultimately assists at a practical level, the fact has long remained that TV is the more powerful entity at generating consumers, trust, rapport and positive associations.

For instance when you are broadcasting on linear TV- or even on-demand- the content that is being viewed is to a captive audience to an extent, they are immersed in media consumption.

With online PPC, banner ads, or even Youtube campaigns the material is inherently more disruptive to the desired audience, while your control of the mood or context in which your ad is displayed is compromised.

Through cookie-driven, online advertising you can optimise and have control over who your ad is displayed to based on either your own, or sub-contracted inventory provider, however you are not aligning your content per se to a connotational medium that aligns with your brand ethos.

Your KPI achievement will be optimised in the long and short-term through TV.
Your KPI achievement will be optimised in the long and short-term through TV.

To optimise your KPI though, ensuring that your content is displayed contextually with material that appeases the existing and general mindset and morality of your audience is imperative.

With linear TV advertising the main inhabitation was not eliciting KPI achievement, but ensuring that ROI was optimised, notwithstanding the attribution which was opaque at times.

With programmatic, interactive and addressable advertising you can essentially utilise the benefits of TV, while allied to the measurability and attribution of online.

Whether your KPIs consist of sales, website visits, newsletter signups, follows on social media or other conversions, you will ultimately yield this through resonation.

While online can utilise algorithms in Google or other search engines to monitor search activity and forge a device-based understanding off particular consumers, to ensure that you are contextually resonating TV provides the only transparent solution.

Whether you are buying through linear TV for mass awareness and engagement, or for more guaranteed KPI achievement through programmatic, you can guarantee that your audience will be matched more personally through broadcasts, shows or films that will resonate with your consumers personal data.

Moreover given the fact that analytic software that now exists from media buyers themselves, as well as Google that provide realtime, actionable data that can match with your online inventory to provide direct cross-comparisons between the KPI achievement of your respective campaigns.

With TV now providing in its evolving digitalised guise, a more granular data format that can be directly attributed to specific campaigns, the imperative for TV to act as your generator of interest and sales will ultimately serve to assist the effectiveness of your online campaign’s ability to harvest those consumers.

As well as optimising your KPI achievement, TV can provide the most cost effective means of generating inventory.
As well as optimising your KPI achievement, TV can provide the most cost effective means of generating inventory.

Given the fact that 47% of all paid media driven website visits are elicited from TV, while only 33% of budget is dedicated to it underlines the fact that businesses are wasting vast quantities of finance for no reason.

Therefore by plying more into the means of advertising that can now deliver the attributable resonance with your brand, you can create the connotational associations that will ensure long-term sales potential.

Conversely through this tact of advertising, especially if you are a niche business, you can create the brand affirmation that will ensure you can secure the conversions to your website that can lead to newsletter sign ups, retargeting and positive brand recognition as a result of the control you have over your TV advertising campaigns.

Of those businesses who have already utilised addressable advertising, 57% are not only going to continue with the principle, but are also going to expand their usage of this more data driven advertising.

Therefore by prioritising the platform that can provide the greatest short and long-term brand resonance, with businesses on average increasing their profits by 140%, your ability to maintain an accurate and proliferated CRM is maximised through TV.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio campaigns for 25 years, continuing to assist businesses in the addressable advertising world.

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