How to advertise and generate instant sales

4th May 2017

SALES Are the ultimately KPI that is sought to be achieved by your business, the tact you take to achieve this has been shifting throughout the digital era.

With TV remaining the most powerful and efficient means of generating sales, brand resonation and memorability, it would be a surprise then that the most effective means of eliciting those instant uplifts would be to deploy techniques used over the phone or on within traditional telesales.

Although the fundamental persuasive elements of this in the form of a presenting to persuade the consumer towards the merits of any particular product of service, remain obsolete in both short-term sales success and long-term affirmation, utilising the cognitive and semantic principles that precede the most successful B2B or cold callers is crucial to increasing your leverage.

While sales in the long-term are most efficiently accrued through the implementation of brand-based ads that focus on an ethos, message or entertainment encompassed composition, in the short-term the need to subliminally and actively both attract the attention of the consumer and connect with them impulsively is manifest.

Therefore the key towards engaging a consumer, particularly within times where disposable income is compromised, is to engineer your narrative to immerse the consumer in your ad.

Oft-used techniques within DRTV include using either a realistic scene that aligns with a target demographic, a presenter, or both to incorporate the sales aspect of the commercial and the emotive one in an autonomous fashion.

What is being neglected though amid the shift to more brand incorporated creative material, is the need to offer aspirational scenarios oscillated within an authoritative, subliminally persuasive mindset.

Being directly persuasive is statistically half as effective in terms of stimulating sales in comparison as offering a more entertaining, emotive alternative.

Using a persuasive tone, as appose to language will serve your instant sales well.
Using a persuasive tone, as appose to language will serve your instant sales well.

Thus the focus of your material as you seek to either direct your potential consumers to your website or to a particular number, should be to utilise open questions and a empathetic tone to your creative.

Statistically 55% of the judgement that is cast by a potential consumer is as a result of body language alone, while just 7% consists of the actual vocabulary.

With tone contributing 38% of the leverage of a potential sale, it is the tone of voices used within your ad that will convey your vocal, thus controlling how your offers, brands and products are interpreted by consumers.

By utilising a lower tone that conveys authority, allied to the vocabulary that can be clearly and unambiguously interpreted, you will increase your chances of not only recent sales, but further brand resonation.

Moreover if you create the cognitive connotational link of aspiration and your product, the emotive properties will provide further leverage for your brand as sales increase.

Depending on your creative direction though, a perennially successful technique of eliciting sales in a DRTV context is to utilise a pseudo-presenter tact.

By offering a reality esque encounter, you are provided vivid, convivial and affirming context that can put the mind of the consumer at rest, immersing them in the emotive elements of your ad.

To accentuate the power any emotive language may have, augmenting it with the personal  pronouns that your consumers will resonate with will provide the subconscious affirmation to support the conscious mind.

Focusing on the subliminal cognitive thought in the subconscious will provide the associations that will add empathy to boost your sales.
Focusing on the subliminal cognitive thought in the subconscious will provide the associations that will add empathy to boost your sales.

Thus by supplementing any ad with such means of communication that is complimentary to your potential consumer’s normal behavioural activity, with the humorous undertones that will create a jovial connection between your ad and the individual, you increase your chances of instant sales.

It has been proven that such campaigns provide twice the instant sales uplifts compared to ads that focus primarily on informing the consumer, where it should be a tertiary pre-requisite.

To persuade and entertain your consumers though, offering your brand to them tempered with a degree of self-deprecation will be imperative.

Ensuring there is originality within your content, thus avoiding the banal language and tone that will reaffirm any rejection towards your ad, has to be avoided.

Additionally given the fact that OTT, addressable and interactive advertising provides the data driven links that can also make your advertising life easier post-ad, using such specific, targeted language and audiences will prove to be more efficient and cost-effective.

The majority of brands who have utilised this form of more specific, targeted advertising desire to increase their input within it in the future.

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