A guide to cost-effective advertising

21st February 2017

A GUIDE to cost-effective TV advertising: It is easier than you think in an age where the control and ability your business has to manipulate your broadcast is unprecedented.

The entire industry is continuously evolving, offering more dense or sophisticated metrics of measuring your audience, improving efficiency and increasing ROI.

With the growing need for businesses to advertise their business on both TV and online, but the concurrent premise for marketeers to become more accountable and cost efficient, the tendency to compromise has emerged.

It is the biggest mistake your business could make in 2017, with your brand direction of course variable to the company in question, your decision to utilise both platforms will be vindicated.

For instance, regardless of whether you are an emerging-company or an established brand, the need to utilise brand response to embed your ethos into the minds’ of consumers is imperative.

You can automatically make your ad more profitable in the long-term by situating TV as your marketing centrepiece.

However in order to maximise elements of advertising that have been previously wasted by businesses, the need to utilise your content online is crucial.

Guide your consumers to your online channels with content created for both channels.
Guide your consumers to your online channels with content created for both channels.

With such a morsel of all shared adverts online digital native, TV has inexorable potential to take both itself and online to greater heights.

By prioritising one campaign avenue over another you are automatically reducing your potential scale and long-term effectiveness, while any savings in initial automation will be counter-productive.

Although from a budgetary point of view you will be saving money, your ROI and potential KPI achievement will be hampered by such a marketing direction.

To guide your company towards a long-term upward trajectory, curating your content towards being TV complimentary will be integral.

Utilising the knowledge that brand response advertising maintains the focus of your consumers potentially for life, whereas direct response does so for only 20-30 seconds, will allow you to create content that can resonate online as well as on TV.

Therefore ensuring you focus your content towards emotively stimulating and entertaining your audience is vital.

Of course production costs represent a vital, but sometimes expensive element of advertising process, this can be troubleshooted by going to production companies directly.

Often agencies who have the inventory and budget to attract potential businesses to them, do not ultimately have the facilities to deliver your campaign: production companies do.

Furthermore as well as researching a production company that has the relevant and credible experience in delivering ads like yours, ensuring they have their facilities in-house, which will save on logistical and production costs.

In terms of media buying, new innovations and algorithms within those entities can provide unparalleled levels of insight into not only your potential audience, but your competitors.

Recently TV squared received a multi-million pound investment to supply free data to companies regarding their rival’s media buying patterns and how those times or styles of advertising are working for them.

Such data can be used to shape your own marketing tact and ultimately use your competitors as case studies as the sophistication of advertising reaches a golden age.

A constantly transient and evolving guide to how your competitors advertise will inevitable precipitate a new culture of campaign transience.

Ultimately though this can and will not override your overall campaign.

With the power brand response has in offering average profit growth of 140 per cent after three years, tinkering offers, promotions, text and media buying will aid your instant sales hopes, without compromising your identity.

This re-versioning will ultimate save you valuable advertising costs, which would otherwise be incurred through producing alternative ads for promotions or online/TV variations.

Such a practise will save on the majority of your overall campaign costs, but with the same impact of a DRTV specific campaign.

You can easily guide your customers to new promotions with re-edited old ads.
You can easily guide your customers to new promotions with re-edited old ads.

Depending on the size of the business in question utilising your own inventory will save on ad costs, if you choose to advertise using the more targeted means of advertising today.

These directions, which include programmatic, addressable and interactive are all designed to eliminate wasted ad spend, while offer unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

You are not buying your airtime in blocks as you would traditionally, but you are acting as a guide to the algorithms within the database and systems you use to only display ads when such individuals are watching.

Although your scale will ultimately be reduced, your ability to enchant those most likely to buy your product will be enhanced, while at the same time you are ensuring accountability and cost-effectiveness are increased.

Overall by utilising production companies and the latest technology, allying that to omni-platform campaigning you will find your ROI and long-term sales are boosted.

Space City utilise their own in-house facilities, including casting studio, DaVinci Grading and editing software to provide the most cost-effective advertising solution in the UK.

Contact the team now and see how TV advertising can guide your company to long-term sales success.


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