How to create effective ads omni-platform

29th May 2018

Advertising is becoming increasingly personalised, but how can you provide your consumers with cost-effective, appeasing and complimentary ads?

HOW Can your business deliver adverts that are universally successful in 2018? Through adverts that are dynamic and digitally-driven, you will succeed.

Advertising through video in particular is becoming increasingly pivotal regardless of the industry used.

Radio advertising is enormously successful, too, but without a visual element you are irrecoverably compromised, compared to advertising production that is underscored by TV or video in general.

How to optimise different advertising platforms

With the proliferation of adverts across myriad devices, the creatives themselves will need to be adapted and be interchangeable in order to be relevant and immersive for the differing needs of consumers omni-device.

Programmatic innovations have ensured that advertising versions can be disseminated on the most effective channels, while having the ability to interchange and between the appropriate version will ensure that the ads are not compromised, thus will enjoy the attention that is devoted to bespoke platforms like TV, which are one dimensional in a sense that they merely provide one source of entertainment.

Conversely, online can provide a variety of different means of entertainment or distraction for the consumer, which ultimately affects the attention devoted to the ad itself and the context of it.

Contextual consistency is crucial for all advertising and when there are multiple means of engagement that could affect mood, you are stymied in your bid to forge consumer resonance.

With the ability for TV to be consumed across various online channels and devices, the lack of consistency in format and gratification sought will damage the memorability and associations your potential consumers have with your business.

The solution is to adapt your advertising, so it has multiple versions that compliment the platforms where it could be consumed.

Space City advertisement for GoCompare
How your consumer perceives your advertising omni-platform is crucial to brand growth

With the correct aspect ratios upholding the consistency and rigidity of your adverts, you can ensure that attention span is not limited, but maintained through platforms that have historically been weaker in terms of consumption.

By ensuring your campaigns are delivered to suit the platform and are not just TV-generic files, your business can interact with digital advertising servers to provide your company with the measurability and granular data you would enjoy with standard online advertising, but allied to the inherent credibility and quality of TV adverts.

How to ensure of success online and on TV simultaneously

Advertising online is pivotal as you seek to augment consumer interest to your inbound marketing.

Outbound marketing online is most lucrative when attempting to drive short-term sales – it is not as effective as TV when looking to build brand.

Therefore, as you take your TV advertising onto online channels, it is imperative that you keep the content that you use your direct response TV campaigns to support the credibility of any advertising online.

Conversely, though, your business needs to ensure that it delivers a campaign that is mitigating the effect on context that advertising online has.

Therefore, if your ad is being broadcast on demand and is going to be viewed on a device other than a TV, not only utilising software that can ensure your ad is displayed with the programming in question should the consumer be viewing without an internet connection, but not make the consumer believe they need to interact with the screen other than for any call-to-actions.

Creative work by Samsung has been lauded in the national press, but such an advert could be counter-productive on other platforms.

Ensuring such ads do not appear on other devices is possible, but will limit the effectiveness of the campaign.

Taking a campaign that is interchangeable and adaptable to different screen sizes, contexts and desires is key, without the flexibility, your advertising will lack relevance to a consumer.

Thus enhancing your TV ads when they are being broadcast on digitally-delivered platforms with server-side content enhancements, will ensure of relevance to the consumer and make certain that you can stimulate relevant traffic to your website.

Cost-effective TV advertising production for
Offering more relevant and specific information will help you understanding how data can increase efficiency.

If you do this through linear TV you will limit the ability of your company to increase sales and raise awareness.

The strength that lies in linear TV is how it fosters communication between individuals; you need to create brand advocates and through online you are less likely to do that, thus the response mechanisms need to be centred around your digital streams.

With adverts that compliment the immediate desires of consumers, your business can optimise inbound marketing to compliment the knowledge elicited from ad data.

In order to do this cost-effectively, you should use as few files as possible to optimise quality and consistency.

Honing audio that can be used in your radio ads, too, is crucial Рall your campaigns need to  evoke the same subconscious thoughts.

This can be delivered through having the same files, actors and voices that deliver the tone you want to convey.

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