Low cost TV advertising is back in the ascendency

21st November 2016

LOW COST Advertising is an entity that is becoming ever more facilitated when compared to high cost, linear alternatives.

The power of linear TV in its own right is still profound and offers a guarantor of trust and dependability regarding figures and overall reach.

However with the relentless rise in online advertising and its market share increasing, due in part to the ability to retarget users of specific webpages and mould their preferences through cookies, TV has had to either rely on its erstwhile reliability or its ability to offer addressable advertising.

The latter has propelled TV’s strength in offering low-cost, specific advertising aimed at exact demographic backgrounds and lifestyles, into direct competition with online, but not with the unassailable dependability of on-demand TV.

With cost reduced, TV can usurp the power mobile and online has established.
With cost reduced, TV can usurp the power mobile and online has established.

Channel Four has set the precedent of enforcing registration of its on-demand services, enabling analysis of viewing figures to be entirely accurate and dependable to businesses looking for stable platforms of marketing their products and services.

With online’s figures continuing to be manipulated and falsified to the extent of 30 per cent, trust when delivering campaigns to as appropriate an audience as is possible is vital when such a commodity is in short supply between consumer and business.

This has lead to much scepticism from market leaders such as Tesco who have led the denunciation of large-scale linear TV campaigns, citing the issue of trust.

However given the increasing versatility both linear and wider TV platforms can offer with the latest analytic innovations, comfort of reaching appropriate audiences can be more than maintained, more pertinently than that of online.

Sky have recently introduced its Ad Smart technology which enables the company to display different adverts to separate households and devices simultaneously, thus working in a similar regard to that of cookies online as a result of visiting habits.

Having effectively the best of both worlds, with the dependability of TV analysis and the analytic software that has propelled online to market leading status, TV has the premises now to reestablish itself at the forefront of the advertising market.

The cost of implementing a brand affirming campaign is reduced.
The cost of implementing a brand affirming campaign is reduced.

Factoring in the added benefits of addressable advertising, whereby adverts can attract and direct their content towards those who it directly appeals to, will assist the continuing success of diverse, niche TV channels with the ability to target those viewers specifically, rather than generically.

This also encourages brands back to linear TV as not only a dependable, but profitable resource that can enable them to maximise their impacts to multiple platforms and households concurrently, without the uncertainty of online viewing.

TV has perpetually been the dependable outlet for growing a brand and initiating a call-to-action mechanism, it has continued to defy the prophecies of experts who have condemned its long-term proficiency, thus with this longevity and ability to galvanise audiences, allied to the trust that can be generated through targeted advertising, TV is firmly back in the ascendancy across all platforms at a snip of the previous prices.

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