How to create the best advertising campaign in 4 steps

8th August 2018

Find out how to create the best advertising campaigns; all that goes into making the best marketing ideas with Space City

CREATE Advertising campaigns that deliver lucrative results and informative data-streams cross-platform with our 4 tips for creating the best ad campaigns.

While marketing as a whole faced a seminal moment around GDPR implementation, there was no need to fear while the array of advertising production companies and agencies that exist to deliver ideas and visions that can create absolute brand distinction and relevance.

Data is vital, but the streams that your business targets when planning your marketing calendar could change after looking at what is needed to truly know your consumers.

Advertising on TV should be a prerequisite to any marketing venture, while ensuring that an element of it is segmented is equally important.

Gather data that can showcases the advertising creatives your consumers are receptive to

Before attempting any mass awareness advertising, it is crucial for both incremental growth and knowing how to appeal to you consumers online, that you gather the awareness of the kind of content they enjoy and the mindset that prevails during this period.

By utilising addressable advertising, which effectively brings your business to the consumer, rather than the inverse, your company will instantly ascertain the kinds of media buying you will need for more linear TV campaigns.

Doing this, too, with a call to action, will offer your business insights into what potential consumers are receptive to, while giving you the opportunity to integrate targeting metrics that can boost engagement on social media.

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Having greater awareness of how your consumers interact with your campaign, will assist your production processes and how you create your adverts – boosting receptiveness.

Leverage social media marketing when you create your TV advertising production to boost engagement and CRM improvement

With social media, messaging needs consistency of voice, context and tone, but beyond that, it needs to stimulate engagement.

Competitions can be a way of incentivising the consumer with a proposition and exchange for their time and data, but taking this method of communication to another creative level is key to ensuring that you create the sense of community that is vital to your other elements proliferating.

After an initial uplift generated by targeted, addressable and interactive TV, it is imperative that this influx of data is directed to your social media feeds.

Whether this forms a part of certain call to actions, or is situated within the advertising production itself, it has to carry relevance once consumers reach the harvesting phase online.

Once online, you can segment your TV, VOD or other online campaigns further by implementing criteria that ensures consumers, of whom may not have visited your social media previously, are not targeted in the same fashion as someone who may have.

The stipulations are key, so to avoid alienating or confusing a consumer, target them in a more specific fashion, but under one core brand aim – segmentation does not mean needing to change a creative.

When using social media, using the same language, messaging and brand context omni-platform is key; conciliating them with games and competitions fosters rapport and brand affirmation.

By having to concentrate and look out for a certain predefined trait or addition to your ad, in exchange for some form incentive, you will induce response and boost awareness of your TV campaigns online – something that remains TV’s only weakness presently.

Include incentives as you create your ads to boost direct response and engagement

Although the aforementioned ideas will be pivotal, executing them in a fashion that is easy for the consumer to execute is vital.

For instance, having a promotion for a new product that is being advertised on TV and across your online output, but not out of home or on radio, will ensure your brand memorability will suffer.

Realtime relevance is crucial, therefore, if a competition or incentive is appearing on a physical poster or billboard, ensuring that it is electronic is imperative.

Timing and context need to appear as a happy marriage; if all your campaigns are not converged to help each other, your business will miss out on potential future sales increases through the lack of gratification.

Low Cost TV advertising for Framd by Space City: create your commercial production masterpiece with Space City
Lower advertising costs are possible for businesses as they create ads from the credible source that is TV, but consumer relevance is pivotal.

When something cannot be clicked, ensuring that you take advantage of the digital and accessible world is key.

A QR code, for when someone maybe walking, or a relevant message that is in keeping with the premise where the ad is being shown, is imperative if you are to carry relevance omni-setting.

By implementing these measures consistently, your brand will be more recognisable and response inducing thanks to the trust generated from the consistency with a TV advertising production output.

Take your consumers on a journey and entertain them

A brief and more creative-driven step, but no less important, the cost-effective nature of your advertising production needs to be protected by an ad that does not focus on sales at all.

Marketing as a whole that focuses on showcasing services, entertaining and emotionally connecting with consumers, enjoys increased ROI and response at end branding.

By looking to produce innovative content as an advertising device, you will resonate more often and ensure your adverts in themselves have the scope to gain notoriety through their creative qualities.

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