How to create the best adverts

9th May 2017

THE BEST Adverts contemporarily emanate from TV and naturally inhabit entertainment: diversifying and incorporating an audience who will be receptive to this is what elicits success.

Within a paradigm where advertising is continually migrating to more digitally intrinsic metrics, the use of TV as the underpinning of any advertising campaign is being neglected by some.

Consistently the greatest success is hitherto extracted from TV advertising, while online provides the measurability, attribution and ease of automation.

Of course the control you as businesses have over the implementation of advertising is become increasingly prominent, while the emphasis on convergence has never been greater as you seek to extract the most sales, greatest reach and optimal ROI.

Thus the best adverts are oft too subjective to create a general distinction as to what constitutes the best advertising formula.

However as well as streamlining your media buying strategy and campaign automation, your creative should be delivered to ultimately correlate with how those who match the behavioural algorithms who visit similar websites, or buy similar products for instance.

Therefore formulating your creative concert to create entertaining authority, which ultimately aligns with the language that will subjectively resonate with your potential consumers is imperative.

Myriad ancillary factors contribute to the relative impact, retention, sales and awareness of your advertising campaign, but the foundations have to be delivered towards more targeted audiences, which compliment the media is it associated with.

The best ads focus on entertaining their consumer, the context though has to be complimentary to your audience's mood.
The best ads focus on entertaining their consumer, the context though has to be complimentary to your audience’s mood.

TV and online supported TV have never been so accessible to your business, with lower costed, more algorithm delivered media buying affecting how your campaign optimises its ROI and potential KPI achievement.

Therefore by aligning your ad inventory- whether that be your own or outsourced- to run concurrent with both TV and online, will enable you to obtain a transparent and reliable measuring solution.

Before you get to this stage though the subject of your creative direction will ultimately dictate how your TV or online driven ads succeed.

If your creative lacks the formatting and organisation to compliment usual cognitive behaviour, you can lose infinite conversions and compromise your brand retention.

Statistically your ad will be 30% less effective if it closes its creative message prior to the end of the ad; the focus has to be maintained.

Moreover your response rates will be 14% greater if you choose to allow music to be mobilising force of your brand message.

While this itself offers a powerful force in sales terms as well as brand affirmation, it can also provide the complimentary associations that will enable the natural rejection of advertising to be negated.

If for instance you are attempting to achieve complete creative, display and media buying autonomy, placing your ad alongside media which is reflective of the music within your own ad will provide increased resonance online, as well as the cognitive subconscious acceptance of your creative.

Additionally when looking to create optimal brand response creative, the tendency to drive the response or attempt to sell your product can be over indulged in.

The most successful campaigns refrain from selling as such, with the prerogative in the best ads encapsulating the concept of storytelling by engaging in conversation and interaction.

Your initial TV ad will be 10% more effective if you foster conversation within it, while focusing on the showcasing of your brand and products, as appose to trying to persuade potential consumers to the benefits of it yields 17% increases in brand affirmation.

At a time where there is a paradox of decreasing sales, but equally low interest rates, it would be foolhardy to focus your entire advertising operations on one direction.

Combining the best of DRTV with brand driven campaigns will elicit the greatest success.
Combining the best of DRTV with brand driven campaigns will elicit the greatest success.

Although creating separate direct response and brand awareness campaigns may seem more expensive, the production of a single piece of creative concert would leave your brand maligned and lacking direction when it comes to new product launches, promotions, or campaigns.

Therefore to implement a philosophy of creative, display and media buying autonomy will serve to to dictate the long-term success of your business, with increased affirmation boosting ROI and KPI achievement.

As such to create the best advertising campaigns, you need to create associations, connotations and brand mainstays that will mobilise your business as it carries a transparent, subjective identity.

Thus tailoring this- depending on the size of your business of course- towards your audience and the optimisation of it will ensure your brand can be formatted in a complimentary fashion to the ideals of your consumers.

If your business does not stand behind something: a movement, cause, social or cultural issue for instance, your efficiency and sales potential is inhibited by as much as 70%.

To truly create the best campaigns the key to your short and long term success is audience and delivering a campaign that is ethically entertaining, inspirational and evoke emotional responses.

Space City has been producing TV, online and radio commercials for 25 years, ensuring that audience, response and brand building is the catalyst of any campaign.

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