How to produce an advert quickly and cheaply

12th June 2017

ADVERT Composition has never been easy and still requires vast due diligence throughout the pre and post-production process, you can still affect it though.

With any ad that goes on TV there has to be clearance of your chosen creative vision, legal text and overall advertising creative.

The clearance providers, Clearcast will appraise and ratify your ad for broadcast; what your business needs to ensure though is that any legal text, offers for instance, or creative concepts are previously cleared and substantiated before clearance can take place.

An oft mistake is to decide on a creative vision, begin to film either through complacency or  lack of experience and not seek clearance.

As a result your entire filming campaign would have been essentially wasted, not only wasting advertising budget, but time that has either been spurned or lost, which could have been imperative for modular or seasonal play-outs.

Thus for either of these reasons inhibiting and besmirching your profile and reputation, ensuring that any element of your ad- regardless of whether you believe it to cause contention- should be cleared and ratified prior to any solid commitment.

Ensuring that you utilise a company that has experience in liaising with Clearcast will underpin a fluid, seamless and more cost-effective campaign.

In accordance with this you should also ensure that any verbal or visual claims within your ad are substantiated prior to any final sign-off of creative.

If for instance you are looking to showcase an offer or promotion, or make any claim that is portrayed as fact, there needs to be substantiation that needs to be supplied to your production company, who can subsequently liaise with Clearcast.

Ensure your advert sets sail with substantiation, saving you time and money.
Ensure your advert sets sail with substantiation, saving you time and money.

Therefore as legal text is applied in any online edits, ensuring that this is addressed before filming has even started is imperative if you are too ensure that your text, visuals and audio are all finessed correctly.

From the effectiveness point-of-view of your advert in broadcast, as well as from a time and cost perspective, ensuring that regardless of whether your advert is a brand or response driven one, substantiation is vital.

In post-production you will submit any final copies to Clearcast, at this point anything that has not been substantiated will be addressed and this will ultimately cost you valuable time and finance.

If you have authorised certain legal text or graphics, but not substantiated them, you will either have to put your broadcast date on hold, or pay for a costly re-edit that will further delay proceedings.

In the case of the latter, by not including any legal text or graphics that may require substantiation you are naturally inhibited in your ability to enchant consumers.

Ads that fail to utilise tagging lines or visuals to mobilise a campaign are statistically 30% weaker at the very least.

While naturally as a consequence of this your end branding will be compromised if you fail to utilise text.

Strong end branding ultimately drives further response, thus without it to a degree you are compromising response by a further seven-per-cent, this before you even consider the effect on brand encoding.

To further strengthen your advertising position, instilling creative authority will ensure that you ultimately deliver your campaign more swiftly and cost-effecitvely.

An oft-used means of production employed by businesses- sometimes to ensure maximum credibility and accountability- is to utilise an agency and production company.

Your advert will ultimately get on TV sooner with the elimination of the intermediary.
Your advert will ultimately get on TV sooner with the elimination of the intermediary.

Ultimately choosing the latter will serve to lower your advertising costs, with the production company being able to provide both the services of production and creative cultivation.

By cutting out the intermediary your company will save interminable volumes of money, while also underscoring a campaign delivered more swiftly and with greater trust and conviction.

As well as production time you will also save negotiating time due to the elimination of time, which would otherwise be used by your business and production company looking to settle on creative direction.

By making your own life easier within the production process, you can dedicate more time and resources toward your media buying strategy and preparing more concrete timings, focusing on an audience that can be proven to work.

In an age where you can deliver campaigns based on the previous success of like-minded ads, notwithstanding the real-time programmatic automation your advert can undertake, the power of TV advertising is irrefutable in the current age.

Thus ensuring you align yourself with the most technologically adept media buyer, one who can provide you with the automation, actionable data and efficiency you can similarly achieve online is manifest.

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