How to save money on TV advertising

17th November 2016

BUSINESSES Are continually exploring and innovating new methods of trying to be more specific, efficient and cost effective with their advertising.

With the emergence of digital which now has surpassed the share of the advertising market that TV has, the need to offer companies as steadfast guarantors as possible when it comes to targeting the right people has become imperative.

Previously businesses would happily authorise brand exposure on a particular network for the sake of any impression, regardless of whether it was pertinent exposure for their service or product in question, focusing more on timing rather than the show and context of it in itself.

Context is forever important to grow your businesses.
Context is forever important to grow your businesses.

For instance a particular brand may have paid for a specific amount of network coverage, offering guaranteed exposure, however the success of this strategy is entirely transient and ambiguous when the variable factors of the context of the show in question are varying.

Therefore a veritable unknown in marketing terms, albeit a potentially prudent solution to guaranteeing the correct brand exposure is the emergence of addressable advertising.

This concept is essentially adjusting your commercials exposure to more programme specific broadcast, ensuring that your ad is being viewed by audiences specific to your target demographic and demographic in the right context.

As crucial as forming a subjective contextual theme to your ad is a dovetailed show that is being broadcast allied to this.

If for instance you are a company advertising a brand of food or drink and are inferring indulgence in that product, meanwhile your chosen broadcast slot is a show regarding dieting and finding healthier products the likelihood of a more adverse response is increased.

Therefore addressable advertising has to executed efficiently with context at the forefront of planning, equal in precedence to cost.

Ultimately the directive of your business to reduce costs, but not impact is one that will be rendered redundant without utilising a more objective solution to linear TV advertising.

Of course with the increasing presence of on-demand TV facilitating the merits and exposure of addressable advertising, for the sake of brand awareness, dovetailing campaigns to align with the same show or genre across linear TV and on-demand is imperative also.

The uptake on this innovation has been tepid at best thus far, but if the current market and political uncertainty is anything to go by, it is not to follow and trust trends, but to pioneer and assert boldness on the market, eliciting further market competition and growth.

Tempered with this assertion though is because of such objectification within the specific control of ad exposure, is the ability akin with online to manipulate impressions and broadcast figures.

This has embodied the scepticism of digital in some quarters, enabling TV to remain consistent in its market share through its dependability and consistency.

With the existence of catch-up TV, channels which operate semi-live and on-demand, the ability to analyse viewing data has objectified.

Previously the rigidity of linear TV and buying commercial time in a given slot or time frame would negate this, creating the trust that exists between advertisers, businesses and consumers.

With the introduction of a new metric to advertise your products and services more specifically, the element of dependability on figures produced is reduced.

In addition the fact that TV’s could be viewed by multiple individuals in a household inhibits the strength of online, whereby a particular device can be customised to track viewing trends, predominantly through the success of cookies.

The lack of dependability from online is unsettling for businesses.
The lack of dependability from online is unsettling for businesses.

However the new dynamic of analysis which is hitherto known to broadcasters, advertisers  and businesses has enabled companies to significantly reduce their budgets by paying for specific impressions, as appose to undetermined ones from linear TV.

This metric enables businesses to broaden understanding of their audiences’ viewing patterns and favoured viewing times, enabling an ever increasing objectivity and variable dynamic to TV advertising.

In order to foster growth between businesses and broadcasters in terms of trust, steps need to be taken in terms of analysis to review these figures subjectively and without bias.

Therefore an independent body or system needs to be implemented to harvest growth in these areas, should addressable TV advertising is going to offer a subjective truth that businesses can trust to grow their companies on this more niche, cost-effective basis.

As it stands this method does present companies like yours the ability to analyse the exact viewing habits of your audience, notwithstanding the reduced costs incurred, it is however a method that needs to be approached with diligence if it is to become as trustworthy and revered as current methods.




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